They Call Him The Whineoceros

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You guys have got to read this post.  The mom (Sarah) is delightfully witty and honest about the crazy “mom” things that threaten to steal our sanity every day – and a fellow wine lover!

Take a peek at this post – it’s a good read and will offer a light-hearted laugh and a reminder that we aren’t alone in this “mom thing”. ♥


Goals for the week!! (I know it’s Wednesday… it’s also Anti-Procrastination Day!)

Goals for the week

So one of my favorite things to do now is read other peoples blogs.  It makes me feel like I am actually still attached to the world and that there are other real people that feel just as un-attached from the world as I do!!  So a few weeks ago I happened on to a blog called “Happily a Homemaker“.  What a great find!!  She is so super down to earth and reminds me a lot of ME – the ME I want to be!!  So I talked with her a bit and then decided (because it isn’t creepy at all) to literally copy and paste her blog and then re-word it to fit me – from the logo down.  She really motivated me to start putting my goals online so I am held accountable!!  Just thinking about how silly I will look if I say I’m going to do a bunch of stuff and then only getting one or two things done…ugh!  Besides, it is Anti-Procrastination Day and if I put this off to wait until Sunday – it is inevitable that something will come up Sunday and I won’t get started then either!  Story. Of. My. Life.  So here it is – my goals for the week – starting on Wednesday. 🙂 Go me!


Here were the goals for last week and how I did on them: (Ok – so since this is my first Weekly Goals post – clearly this section will be a tiny bit lacking.

Habit of the Month {October: Paper Clutter} {November: Menu Planning} :

~ Read daily :

~ Blog :

~ Health :

~ Household :

~ Family :

~ Friends :.

~ Usborne :

~ Avon :

~ Office :

~ Self :

And these are my goals for this week — I’m going to start with 11 and see where that takes me.

Habit of the Month :{October: Paper Clutter} {November: Menu Planning} So this week there are only 2 days left of October.  So I plan to spend at least 15 minutes both days on clearing the clutter out of my office area – starting with my desk.  Friday will start the new month with Menu Planning.  That is tough for me because all of my family members are on a completely different schedule – so I’m excited about making this challenge.  I plan to spend 15 minutes on both Friday and Saturday planning a menu.  First stop – Breakfast.

~ Read daily :I am currently reading ‘The Read~Aloud Handbook‘ by Jim Trelease.  I will read this at least 15 minutes a day.  If I happen to finish it I’ll go back and re-read my highlighted sections. And I am going to look more into starting up a book club with my girlfriends.

~ Blog daily :Even if it is just a thought of the day – I will blog every day in November.

~ Health :I will find 25 minutes at least 4 times this week to do my step aerobics video.  I burn 212 calories every time I do it!  I also plan to hit my goal weight this week to get closer to wining the DietBet I am doing for the Shayloss program!  I am only a pound and a half away!  There is still time to join the challenge if you are interested!  Just click on Shayloss and get started today!

~ Household :I would like to do a load of laundry every day.  Wash, Dry, Fold & Put Away.  I am currently working on getting the Big Kid and the Mini Me to do their own laundry.  So on their days I won’t do the laundry but I’ll make sure they do.

~ Family :I need to make Little Man’s appointment for his 2 year check up and I need to make an appointment for the Big Kid and the Mini Me for their annual eye exams.

~ Friends :I want to text or PM on FB a different friend everyday that I haven’t talked to in over a month – just to say Hi and wish them a great day!  I also want to send someone a card in the mail this week.

~ Usborne :I need to make a list of possible charities to benefit from my event in November.  I also need to contact 5 daycares every day.  I need to do 5 Customer Care Calls at least 3 times this week. I also need to do one YouTube video of the book I choose for the Book of the Week.

~ Avon :I need to make a final decision if I am going to continue on this journey or let it go and focus on other priorities.

~ Office :I will do some email cleanup on each account I have for 5 minutes each every day.  That means reading, deleting, responding, etc.

~ Self :I am going to contact the massage parlor in my town and ask about the 1 hr massage for $30 special I heard about.  I will do a painting class this Sunday.

And that is that. 🙂