Geocaching Adventures 7.12.14

Hey there! I headed to downtown Fort Worth today to do some research for my new blog project at the Central Library. While I was out and about I decided to check out what local GC’s were around.

**WARNING-SPOILERS** – If you geocache (in the DFW area especially) be warned: This post does show pictures and give specific tips that will pinpoint some geocaches.  Please do not use this blog as a way to find the cache’s.  The point is to showcase our geocaching journey and to grow the desire in others.

First I came across #GC46Y3F: What a “birdseye” view.

Whovian101 (AKA – the MiniMe) was with me last time we tried to find this one. Unfortunately, we were in the wrong corner of the building.  I followed the clues and looked at old pics to find my error and made my way right to the cache.

This is the view I should have been looking for and finally found.


Here is the cache:  The hint said it would be hanging upside down – so I was looking for a cord or rope of somesort…. Nope.  I soon figured it out though. 🙂


I found a really cool geocoin:  I love geocoins and trackables. I love the idea of sending something on a journey and being a part of it’s stop in my corner of the world. This one has a patriotic meaning to it which is always kind of cool.  The Mister served in the Navy for 8 years so I love finding stuff that has to do with the military – especially the Navy.



There were several cute little pieces and had Whovian101 been with me she might have wanted a thing or two.  Since it was just me I chose the foreign currency for #OJATW (you can click that hashtag and follow our awesome project!!  It will open in a new window and then you’ll need to log into your Facebook account to see it – but it’s totally worth it. 🙂 ) and the geocoin to pass along. I left some kid friendly swag and a quarter. If I am correct about the value of the currency it is worth about $.16 American cents right now so the quarter did trump the value – but certainly not the coolness factor.


I signed the log and took a pic of the bottom of the container so I could remember where to pick up some for my own caches.  This one was from Ikea…good to know!


Then it was over to another is been eyeing: GC1KR38 Masonic Temple


Mostly just a log but there was room for a few tiny kid friendly trinkets.  According to the past comments and logs this one has disappeared a few times.  My guess is because it is right next to an apartment complex and any muggle (especially the young ones) would be curious if they found someone lifting that skirt.


Then I hopped a few blocks over (after maneuvering through the one way streets – which are a real pain in the rear.  They honestly don’t make sense to me!  Why not make them ALL two way streets and then no one is confused!!) and found GC4PDRV Lucky Clover.




Fun find.  It was a clever container and a cute little hide.  They guys that work nearby are friendly and as you can see from my log, get very excited when someone finds it.  Hopefully, this cache has instilled an interest in some of them and they can start geocaching with their families and friends.


Took my little monkey traveler to visit this one.  He was too big to leave in the cache. Still looking for a home big enough (and worthy enough) to send him on his journey.

Then I figured I would grab one more. Checked the logs. It was just found yesterday – which is generally a good sign!  Phone led me to GZ in a parking lot.  Just a few feet away was a tree with a perfect little hiding place in the trunk.  From all of the posts left before I am pretty certain this is supposed to be the site.  Unfortunately, there was nothing there.  I looked around and there were other places a GC could be, but none that really fit the past logs.  My guess is someone saw the person putting it back and then came and took it.  That stinks. 😦  I squeezed my phone into the hole and took a pic with my flash just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and this is all the picture shows…. 😦 Bummer.


All in all – 3 smilies and 1 sad face. Muggles suck.  However, there were a few fun finds and I got a few ideas about what I want to do with our first cache.  I want us to place our first cache before school starts this year in August – so we’ve been looking for the right container and the right place.

I’m off to go work on a painting for the Big Kid.  Hope you enjoyed my finds and I hope you’ll share this post with anyone that has children or an adventurous side of their own.  Geocaching rocks…just sayin. 😉


Geocache – *MY LIL PONY* & *Lemur WLP*

**Spoiler Alert**

– If you geocache in North Texas you may not want to read the following post.  These 2 geocaches were found in Irving, Texas.  There are pictures and details on what we found – just so ya know…

So, this weekend Little Man and my Mini Me stayed with their grandparents.  It is tough for me because I hate to be away from them – but sometimes a little break is nice too.  So I drove out to Irving to drop them off and thought maybe I would see if there was a quick P&G anywhere to be found.  I didn’t really find anything that I wanted to do by myself.  There were a few fun ones around, but I like to have my Mini Me or the Big Kid with me.  They enjoy GC’ing too and I don’t like to do the fun ones all by myself – seems kind of like I’m cheating them – and then I wouldn’t be such a cool mom. 😉  Anyhoo… so I didn’t stop for any GC’ing on Saturday but I did do a screen shot on my iP5 for some cache’s I want to get back to another day.

I had to work late Saturday night so getting up early Sunday was not so much an option.  I finally walked out of the house around 2:30 to head to Irving to pick up the kids – my original plan was Noon-ish – yeah…not so much.

Ok, so pick up the Mini Me and leave Little Man to spend some quality time with the GP’s and we head out.

We pick the GC we want to do based on how much time we have:

  • If we are on a schedule and don’t really have time to venture out we look for a quick P&G – or two. 🙂  These are typically the closest and the smallest ones around.  These usually only have a Difficulty and Terrain rating of 1 or 2 stars.
  • If we have an hour or so we will usually look for caches that are bigger and/or have trackables (also known as a TB or Travel Bug).  We LOVE trackables!! These can have a Difficulty and Terrain rating of up to 4 stars but usually are only 2 or 3.
  • If we have all day and really are on no time restraints we will do the ones that have a higher Difficulty and Terrain rating (up to 5 stars).  Now these can be behind really thick brush, be in areas that are not kid friendly, be underwater (yes, really!), be on property that you have to pay to get into (like the zoo, etc.) and even on islands in the middle of lakes!!  We do not have a lot of these under our belt, because we don’t usually have that much time on our hands AND because I’m not about to put myself or my children in danger for some silly game (although when I’m with another adult friend I am a little more adventurous – just not with the kiddos.)

So, today we have an hour at least to kill. 🙂  The first thing we look for are nearby GC’s.  Next we look to see if any have TB’s or are Multi-Cache‘s. Yes!!

First stop – **MY LIL PONY** GCGY16 multi_72<—–That means Multi-Cache!

This one says it is a Multi-Cache and has a TB!  Off we go!!  I hit “Navigate to Geocache” and begin to head toward the little tear drop destination point.  I find myself driving down a residential street and the GC appears to be in someones back yard, but the app says its in a park.  When my superior direction (ahem.) leads us to a dead end at a cul de sac – we pause, read the info on the GC and re-route.

Here is the description:

First I got MUGGLED how bout that, now I’m all wet. Put out a new container, pill bottle with camo duct tape. Log book and a few small trade items. Please note the second stage cords have been corrected. The neighbors on the other side of the fence know about the game, so don’t mind them unless you need a hint.

This is a two leg micro cache. The first leg of your journey will take you to coordinates to complete the second leg of your journey. The cache is a small camo container so “mini” trade items will work best.. Bring a pen, as the cache is too small to contain one. The terrain is flat, as for difficulty you tell me. This is a medium size park and can be busy at times so be careful not to be seen with the cache. Don’t want my first cache to be plundered. Please return as concealed so the next geocacher can enjoy the hunt. Be respectful of the fences along the edge of the park for these are private residents who put up with a lot of park activity. Last but not least be sure to see the LIL PONIES, they are very cute and the kids will love them. Look for squirrels in the big pecan tree at the East End of the park. Have a great hunt and hope to see ya out on the trail.

That means on the “other side of the fence” there must be the park we are looking for!  So we set off around the corner to try and find the entrance to the park. BINGO!  We pull up in the near empty lot and look around for muggles.  There are some nearby children on the playground, 2 teens kicking a soccer ball around and 1 jogger.  We set off to find the first half of the GC where the coordinates are supposed to lead us.

On the way I love to take pictures of the neat things we see out in nature and soon enough we spot this tiny little moth (or butterfly – we weren’t sure) on a flower.  I stoop down to get a close up pic and my camera goes all fuzzy. 😦 Now I know I have taken a macro pic before with my phone – I just don’t remember how – so I decide I’ll just search for a macro app real quick to capture this tiny little guy.  Um…yeah – no.  I couldn’t find an app I really wanted – I finally find one I think might work but it is .99 cents – yep, I bought it. ugh.  Anyway, just as it downloads (my Mini Me has sighed for the eleventy billionth time) I stoop down yet again to capture the little guy….just as he flys away.  AAUUGHHHA! I stare at that little jerk flying off into the breezy afternoon as the Mini Me begins to laugh…hysterically.  Little tart.  Ok…off we go…again.

We finally make it to ground zero (GZ) and we can’t find anything!!  There was supposed to be something here to give us coordinates to the final cache!  What a bummer.  I notice a little area at the bottom of the tree that looks just perfect to hide something small (like a 35mm film canister or pill bottle – which are used in GC’ing all the time).  It looks to be filled with tree bark pieces that sort of look out of place.  Aha! So I reach my hand in and start pulling back the tree bark pieces looking for the prize – all I find are some worms and a centipede. SMH – What was I thinking?!  The Mini Me decides that centipede is worth a closer look so I whip out the iP5 with my fancy new macro app and open it up – only to find out that this ridiculous app has a mind of its own! 😦  The camera moves – on its own – you can’t figure out which way is up!!  As soon as we figure out how to get the little guy to show up on the screen – you guessed it – he boroughs down into his newly dug home. Really?!  Maybe today isn’t our day for pics! 😦

So there we are standing in the middle of this field – the jogging muggle that has circled us several times now is eyeing us suspiciously.  I read the hint: “Look for the old cedar tree.”  We look around and I don’t see a cedar tree.  We decided to see if there are any clues in the photos attached by others.  We look through them and see a pic of a boy next to a tree that is obviously different than your typical oak – and it V’s just by his waist – so we start looking for that tree and think we see it off in the distance!!  Yay!  (Weird that it is no where near where our app directed us – but it has been known to be off a time or two.)

On the way there we come to an abrubt halt because we see the most interesting “fruit” growing on this tree.  Kind of looks like little nectarines or something.  I reach up to see what it feels like and the Mini Me tells me it could be poisonous and I shouldn’t eat it…lol.  That kid cracks me up. :)  Of course I am not going to eat it!!  We walk around trying to use the stupid new app to get a decent pic of the “fruit” so we can research it later.  This is the best one we got – not sure exactly what it is just yet – but it is interesting!

IMG_2453We found a dandelion and decided to wish our way to the prize.  One – Two – Three “We wish we’ll find the Geocache!” – BLOW!!  Fingers crossed that that works!! 🙂  As we begin to walk away we notice this little patch of flowers that have a few busy bees collecting pollen.  I decided to try out the stupid app (that is what we are calling it at this point) again.  The Mini Me again warns me against the danger – “Mom, be careful – don’t get stung!”  I tell her I’ll definitely try to not get stung and try to get the stupid app to angle close enough to get a pic of the cute little buzzing bees.  That’s when I notice this:


Right smack in the middle of the picture – STICKERS!!!!!  What the heck!!  Then I notice we are standing in the biggest patch of stickers I have ever seen!!! Doggonit!!!!!  How did I not see that before!  We look down and they are on our shoes and jeans.  Not too many – but enough that I don’t like it!  (Thank goodness it wasn’t beggars lice!!  It is way more obvious to see – but sometimes unavoidable and really stinkin annoying!!)  I can’t believe I walked us into a sticker patch.  I totally blame that stupid app!  On another note – if you look real close, all the way to the left of the pic – about half way down – I did capture one of those tiny little bees. 🙂


We decide to make a run through the sticker patch back to the path and de-sticker ourselves.  Then we start heading to the tree that the Mini Me thinks is the one in the pic.  We get up to it and it is about the same shape and V’s at the right spot – and has a hollowed out spot that something could have once fit in – but it isn’t cedar.  It looks just like all the other trees in the park. Except that one!!  “LOOK”, I say!  Across the park (very close to where we tried to take a pic of a tiny little butterfly for entirely too long) there is a cedar tree – just as big as anything!  We make a b-line for it!  Before I can get my bones around the tree, the Mini Me cries out, “I found it!” with a sincere look of total success on her face! 🙂  Of course, then she steps back and informs me that she is NOT sticking her hand in that hole…lol.  No biggie – that’s what moms are for. 🙂

IMG_2456The cache is a large pill bottle wrapped in camo tape.  We open the lid and pull out the contents: a log, a pencil, and a tiny globe keychain (the chain is rusted – so I won’t let her have it.)  Nope.  No TB. 😦  There was supposed to be a TB here and we often find that someone has taken them and then not logged them in. 😦  I have a few TB’s in our GC Kit that I have picked up from other caches but they are all too big for this container.  We sign the log (which was really cool because it had a date on it all the way from 2003.  13 years!  That is cool!  We log our find on the GC app and she asked me to leave this pic with a hint to look for the cache near these tiny blue flowers.  This is October – so I imagine they won’t be there long.

IMG_2460Our signature pic. 🙂  Yes – the Cowboys played today! Played and lost. 😦 What a bummer – but I am a true fan nonetheless. 🙂  And this is the Mini Me’s new Halloween shirt.  You can’t see it in the pic – but the jack o’lantern’s face is glittery.  We are going to get one for Little Man too. 🙂  Hers was a gift, but it came from Wally World – so we are going to try and swing by there tomorrow to pick him one up. 🙂

IMG_2462We put everything back as we found it and headed back across the lot to see if we could visit with the ponies that other GC’ers have written about and that this cache was named for.  Unfortunately, the ponies are all put away and their watch dog is barking at us to get away.  So we head back to the car.  Another 50 feet or so and we come across this really weird site.  Really?  Who leaves a bunch of random VHS tapes under a tree?!  They must be a smoker too!  Really odd.  This is right out in the open – so it can’t be like a homeless person’s abode.  It’s not like they could pop these babies in to the imaginary VCR and hit play!  The Green Mile!!  What a good movie – I should go home and pop in that DVD…  haven’t seen that one in a while.

Back in the car – we pull up our list and pick our next adventure!

 **GP Lone Star Trail 17** GC1T0TG

This one did not go so well.  This is a series of cache’s – which I find intriguing!  Not this particular series – but series in general.  It’s like an extended version of the game because you want to find each one of the whole group!  This one is the closest and here is what the description said:

17th of the Grand Prairie Lone Star Trail series. Container is a regular ammo can.

The Lone Star Trail is a hike & bike linear park following the Trinity River near I-30 and Belt Line in Grand Prairie. It runs South and then East of Nokia Theater and the Lone Star Park horse racing track. There is a place to park for a few cars just South of the Trinity River on Belt Line with a nice walkway over the bridge. Or you can park in the new lot off Hunter Farrell Road. Coordinants to both locations are below. Good luck!
Thanks to Zeke’s Uncle for his help and cooperation in placing these caches.

So we clicked on the button and headed off to where they said to go.  Something new on this one I had never seen before!  A waypoint!  That is usually a spot that is helpful to finding GZ – like parking, etc.  So I head that way but find myself in a turn only lane so I have to go the opposite way from the way point. 😦  However, I notice that the way I went is actually leading us closer to GZ so I’m hoping that I can find parking close somewhere.  I pull off on a side street and then there are some confusing signs.  It does say that no motorized vehicles are allowed beyond this point.  I think this means straight ahead because it looks like a bike path.  I see what appears to be a “drive way” to the left so I pull in there and it turns into a road.  About 200 feet later, we come parallel to GZ.  Unfortunately, it is still about 250 ft in to the brush.  You can tell someone has walked in the and smashed down branches.  It rained yesterday though – this means snakes are probably out and ant piles will be nasty.  I remember reading one of the comments saying the container had been found upside down in an ant bed and they cleaned it up and moved it.  Ugh. Yuck.  Snakes, spiders and ants are NOT my friends.  Now when you geocache in Texas – that is just par for the course – so you just have to go at it from a safety standpoint.  I tell the Mini Me that I am not comfortable going into the brush a day after a rain and that we will do this one later.  She lets me know that she saw an opening that I missed and as I realize there is no where to turn my car around on this narrow road – and see someone up ahead with a bicycle – I realize I am driving on a bicycle path!  AND THERE IS NO OUTLET!!! Crap.

IMG_2464I have to back up all the way down the curvy bike trail – what a moron!!!  This is just an omen that I should be more active and then I’d know what a stinkin bike trail looked like!!  So just about all the way out and I see a little driveway – a real one – for cars.  So we pull in and decide to walk down the bike trail so she can show me the opening she was talking about.  We head off down the trail and find the cutest little paw prints in the mud!  Since they look like the print of a small toddler – I’m sure the animal they belong to isn’t as cute and probably wants to eat our faces – so we snap the picture and move on down the bike trail.

IMG_2466Finally we come to the opening she was talking about.  UM – NO!!  As picturesque as it was – it was CA-REEPY!!  This GC is just going to have to be one of those on a bright, sun-shiny day – when we have another adult with us, and mace…and possibly a baseball bat.  With spikes on the end.

IMG_2467But that does it.  She is not happy – but we head back to the car to look at another option.  We head back toward the waypoint and find that it is a little parking area for runners and bicyclists.  We park and she gets out to play a minute and stretch her legs while I look at our options.

I find another one and wave her back to the car.  She is energized and refreshed once again and so we set out on our next adventure.  I would like to find one more if possible – then we’ll head back to pick up Little Man and get something to eat.  This GC’ing business really pulls the energy out of ya!

 **Lemur WLP** GC3F6R1 

This one was a little further away, but we decided to get out of the area and try out something new.  It was only about a mile away.  We come up to the big intersection and it appears to be just on the other side of the light.  As the light turns green we go through the intersection and pull into a little drive for an empty parking lot.  We grab the GC Kit, lock the doors and head across the street – being very careful to watch for traffic and not step in the ridiculous puddle of water.  We get across the street and it appears that we have 2 options.  We can go into the grass and around the brush to the left (which is not appealing because who knows how muddy it is back there!) or we can balance on the curb all the way to the corner of the street where it appears GZ is (this is also not appealing because if a car comes before we make it to the end – we are going to get soaked if they are feeling froggy enough to splash us!  I look down the road and see no one coming for at least half a mile.  Surely we have time…RUN!  No wait!  Walk fast!  The Mini Me has a couple of close calls while trying to balance, but we make it just fine. 🙂

At the corner and around a bush we see a little opening.  The Mini Me says, “You go on in and let me know if it’s safe, then I’ll come in.” Ha!  This kid.  If it doesn’t seem safe, I am not going in!!  It does appear to be harmless enough so I step into the brush into a small clearing and begin to look around.  I don’t see anything obvious so I open the app to read the description.

A series of 27 caches in a busy industrial area. During the week there are lots of trucks and business traffic. On weekends there are fishermen taking advantage of the lake that is inside the loop. Be careful of traffic and pull all the way off the road. There is a wide shoulder or parking area for each cache. Please do not make any traffic slow down for you. Each cache is different and fragile so please be gentle and report any breakage so it can be repaired. Have fun!

Wild Life Parkway is a series of caches commemorating Lion Country Safari ammusement park which existed here from 1971 to 1992. There were several acres in this drive through park with many different animals such as giraffes, rhinoceros, lions and even an exhibit for chimpanzees. There was also an ammusement park with a ferris wheel, several other kiddy rides and also a petting zoo. It would often close during spring due to flooding of the Trinity River and in 1992 finally closed because it flooded so severely that some of the animals escaped. The property remains undeveloped.
Traffic moves fast on this road so please pull out carefully and don’t make them slow down for you.! Most caches are tethered so please don’t break the line and report any broken ones so we can repair it. We don’t want them floating away in a flood.

IMG_2468Aha!  A series!!  I wonder if it is the same series as the Lone Star Series we were working on earlier!  I’ll have to look into that! And we are looking for something tethered!  I explain to the Mini Me what that means and we begin to look around…and up!  At this point, she has also stepped in and so I scoot over to give her more room.  When I turn around – boom!  There it is – wedged between the trunk and a branch! 🙂

IMG_2469 IMG_2470She wants to get this out – so I let her.  It isn’t in a dark hole, so we are both in agreement. It is tethered with a small wire so we have to be careful pulling it out.  She hands it to me to take a pic and to open because it is closed tight!!  We take out the contents to analyze our find. 🙂  There are some cool things in this one! 🙂  She chooses a lanyard and we add some fun goodies for kiddos in this one for the next lucky ones to find it.

IMG_2477And we dropped a trackable!! 🙂  I found this trackable in Lake Worth, Texas and am moving him to Irving. His mission is to just travel and get pictures everywhere he goes. Here he is ——>

The Mini Me gets giggily at this point and I snap a few fun pics:


IMG_2473IMG_2476IMG_2479We leave our goodies and then we step out of the brush so that we can take our signature pic.  We decide to cross the street at the intersection and head back to the car.  This way we avoid the puddle…lol.  Genius.  I know.

We head back to get the Little Man – but we decide to stop for one more.  It is on the way and it has been on our list since we were at the park a few weeks ago for family pics. 🙂  This is us.  The Mister, The Big Kid, The Mini Me, our Little Man, and me.  This is just a screen shot of my computer while I was looking at the proofs – which is why the copyright is still on there.  But no worries!  I bought this pose – just haven’t gotten my CD in yet.  I’ll be posting them like crazy when it gets here.  These are our first family pics! 🙂


 **what bears do in the woods** GC2NXJ1

We pull into the park and get out and head in the direction that the iP5 tells us to.  All of a sudden I realize that it is actually taking us to the very first one that we tried to get to – which is not an option!  So I go back to the main screen and I realize I was on the wrong GC.  We start over and I remember that we have been walking all day and not once did I log my walking into my MapMyFitness app!!  I guess because I am on an actual walking trail – it triggers my thought process.  Might as well get a little walking logged!

We head toward GZ and we get to a large wooded area.  Interestingly enough – there is no description!  That is a first for me!  There is a hint though: “It is always recommended to knock before you enter someones home.”  Ummm, ok?

You can see where someone has smashed the brush down – but these “weeds”, etc. are taller than me – and it just rained.  Lets see if there is a way in around the corner.  So we continue to follow the trail.  I see another area of smashed brush and think I’ll just take one little step in and see if there is a clearing.  One step.  Two steps.  Spider right in my face.  Yep!  We are done for the day!!  The Mini Me gets another giggle and we get back on the running trail.  This inspires us – so we run. 🙂

Back at the car – we’ve burned off a few calories – we’ve had an awesome day.  The Mini Me has a new lanyard to put her brand new school ID on and I have had the bonding experience that I crave.  It won’t be long before she is too big and hanging with mom won’t be something she wants to do anymore. 😦

Luckily, geocaching is fun for all ages!  So I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this is something I can do with my kids until I’m too old to have my wheelchair pushed through the mud and muck. 🙂




Do any of you know what this means?  Well here is the dictionary’s definition:


noun: geocaching
  1. 1.
    the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website.

Here is the way the main geo-caching website explains it: “Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.”

And here is how I describe it: It is a big huge world wide Hide-and-Seek game, where people hide containers (that hold everything from a tiny piece of paper to lots of great prizes – also known as “swag”) all over the place.  You use GPS coordinates (and some times have to answer trivia questions, solve puzzles and do math) to find these treasure boxes.  Depending on which kind you find and what is inside – you make decisions and take certain steps to prepare the cache for the next person to find.

There are a lot of different levels to the game and lots of different rules – but here are the basics:

  1.  Find the cache.
  2. Open the cache and sign log.
  3. If you take any object from the cache to keep – you must put something of equal or greater value in its place.
  4. If the cache has a theme or special instructions – you must follow along – or leave it for someone else.
  5. Replace cache in the same (or better) condition that you found it – in exactly the same spot.
  6. Log your find online.
  7. Find the next cache.
  8. Share your love of geo-caching with like-minded friends and family!

You log all of your finds and look for new cache’s at www.geocaching.com.  You can sign up for your FREE membership there.  You can sign up for a Premium account which gets you perks like special cache’s that only Premium members get the location for!

The only things you need to geocache are a GPS enabled device (a smart phone works best IMO), always bring a pen (because some cache’s are too small to carry one) and if you plan on taking trinkets – bring things to replace your picks.

Cache’s are hidden EVERYWHERE!!  I can almost promise there is one near you!  They are hidden in trees, behind fence posts, under water – we even found one last week under the shell of an old car that an automotive shop is using for their business sign!  Cache’s shouldn’t be hidden on private property without the owners permission!!  However, I have come across a ton in really neat places where the property owner either gave permission or hid themselves!!

There are over a dozen different kinds of geocaches.  As we go along I’ll do a different post on them so you can get an idea and a good feel for them.  This post is just to give you an introduction to geocaching.  I will be posting articles with our finds and info on the sport/hobby as often as I can.

If you don’t think you are ready for your first geocache – you can read up on my blog for a few weeks until you are comfortable.  If you think you are ready now, I suggest you go to www.geocaching.com and read up on Geocaching 101 page, just to make sure you have the basics down.

Some of my followers are in Texas (I live here so most of my geocaching is done here.  However, when I travel I always hit the “Search for geocaches near me” button!!)  If I am going to post about a specific find – I will post the word *Spoiler* in the title.  Some people get really angry when they are reading about someone else’s geocaching experiences and they accidentally get clues as to where a specific cache is.  So if you are one of those type of people then I wouldn’t click on the ones that say *Spoiler*.

It is way past my bed time so I’m off to bed.  We have found 23 geocaches so far.  I will be blogging about each one eventually.  I’ll try to get a few in tomorrow.  Good night.  Good luck.  Happy caching. 😉