Day 5 – Rotisserie Chicken…most specifically from Albertsons

Hello, my friends!!  Today was a flippin cold in Texas yo!  On this 5th day of my social media challenge, Monday December 1st, I am thankful for #Rotisserie Chickens.  I use them to make chicken and rice for my family on a night when I need a break!!

Today was a tough day!  It started out pretty typical at 6:30 this morning, but when the little guy landed sick at school, mommy had to rescue him and was forced to take him home and cuddle…darn the luck.  Anyway, by the time his daddy was headed home, I was starving!!  Frozen pizza, pot pies, hot pockets, sandwiches…etc.  Nothing sounded good.  No meet thawing so I needed something quick and easy…

I decided I wanted to make the Chicken and Rice dish my kids love so much (and I love because it is so easy!)  So I called the Mister and asked him to pick up a few things.  When he got home I had gotten the little man sleepy enough I was able to slip away for about 20 minutes to whip up dinner.  Literally.  Less than 20 and I had a full meal on the table.  Enough for a family of 5 and leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!

With my new challenge, I wake up every morning, wondering what I will be thankful for that day.  I had a couple of ideas for today.  However, when I started deboning that chicken – I knew exactly what I am thankful for today.  Check out the recipe below and if you have ANY questions you can use any of the links below to touch base.

Cat’s Easy Peasy Chicken n Rice (you pick the theme/flavor!)

– 2 packs of Knorr Rice (Any flavor – we chose Cheddar Broccoli today)

– 1 #Rotisserie Chicken (Albertsons are $1 less than Walmart and about 20% bigger – and taste superb!)

Follow directions on rice for stovetop or microwave (microwave is easy – throw it all in a microwave safe bowl for 12 minutes – perfection.)  While rice is cooking – take skin off of chicken and debone.  Add chicken to cooked rice, add a little milk or water (2-3 tablespoons) and pop back in microwave for about a minute.  Whip up a few sides and Walla!  Dinner is served. 🙂  Thank you #Albertsons for making my life easier!!

I can’t wait to hear/read/see your posts!!  If you guys play along on any social media sites please use the hashtag: #365smc That way I can follow along all year and give you guys some shoutouts!!

Here is the link to my YouTube channel: Cat’s YouTube Channel: Obliviously Awesome – Go find the Day 5 video and take a peek and see how my kiddos approved of the meal!  Even the little guy who is not feeling his best today…

Here is a link to the actual video for Day 5: Rotisserie Chicken

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See ya’ll tomorrow! 😀

Love ya lots, like tator tots!!

Love, Cat




Sleepless Nights

Ugh! It’s hard enough to fall asleep at night with the 8.2 million little “me” running around in my head shouting questions that all require immediate miracle answers so that I can survive the next day.

Just as soon as I give them all irrational, reckless answers to shut them up and I find that nice little lull that is going to allow me a few minutes of thoughtless peace and quiet…

… I come out of my sleeping stupor to find that the Star Trek Enterprise apparently has landed at the foot of my bed.

This is literally a photo I just snapped with the flash off so you get the full “Lite-Brite” effect.


Then after trying to decide if meeting Captain Kirk and/or Spock is more important than sleep… I finally realize that the DVR is just popping on to record the latest SyFy shows and that my sweet little toddler has turned on all of the electronics at some point today. Awesome.

…sigh… Might as well sit up and tune in. Who knows, maybe the zombie moaning from the last recorded episode of The Walking Dead will put me back to sleep.

We shall see….

What crazy things keep you up at night?


Tiny hiney


I know he’ll hate me when he’s older…but I couldn’t help it.

My daughter and I were watching a movie while little man was playing in his room. She suddenly screams, “Oh my gosh!! He’s naked!” Of course I look at the screen scanning for a naked man (horrified that I might have scarred my poor daughter and wondering why the heck there is nudity in this PG-13 flick…)

I don’t see anything so I say “Who?” Feeling very confused thinking maybe she’s playing a joke to get a rise out if her mother. I look in the direction that she is pointing and there he stands, proud as anything….my little man.

I gasped at the site of his “very proud” stance as he is giving me the “what are you going to do about it?” look. I yell, “Where is your diaper?!” And as I untangle myself from the bed sheets to chase him he turns and high tails it into his room.

Luckily I have this awesome new speed camera app that takes up to 100 pictures in just a few seconds as soon as the app opens, so you don’t miss out on funny moments like these. So I start the clicking and chasing while he is running and giggling.

These were a few of my favorite shots that only show the hiney, and the words just came naturally.

Such a cute little memory that eventually I probably would have forgotten as memories of first dates, first cars,first jobs and such replace all the little things like this. I’m glad I was able to capture it. ❤