Here I sit outside in shade,
Watching them pass, as hours fade.
Some to their own test to pass.
Their fingers crossed on the way to class.
The knowledge. Is it there? Did they study enough?
What grade will they get? Will the teacher be tough?
The wind blows high as the leaves float by.
A squirrel with full cheeks pauses to say hi.
One by one people start to head out.
Some heads held high, others full of doubt.
Late hours and caffeine didn’t come through.
They waited too long to study, it’s true.
Here I sit outside in shade
Happy. At ease. I know my grade.
I did my part. I played along.
I got an A. Only 2 questions wrong.

What was the hardest test you have ever taken? Was the teacher a generous grader? Did you study or wait until the night before to cram? Why is that test so memorable for you?


The 27th Line

The 27th Line.

I have never read a blog post I identified with more.  This….this is the world I want to believe in.  This is the type of people I want to believe in.  I am literally at a loss for words on how to respond to this post… and those of you that know me, well you know that is a BIG deal.  Printing this out and giving it to my 14 year old (the Big Kid) and 12 year old (the Mini Me) in the morning and will be saving it for my 2 year old (Little Man) – just incase.

The 27th line indeed.