NEW Guest Blogger – “Just Cindy”

Ok…so first of all I need to let you all know I am working on the ending post to my weekend at the Dallas Home & Garden Show.  They aren’t ready just yet but I’ve happened into something that I want to share – so I’m breaking in with a little random announcement post.

A bit of history: I was married for nearly 9 years and during that time gained a Sister-in-Law and a Brother-in-Law.  Our marriage ended simply because we had grown into different people and weren’t in love anymore.  I could have lived in that marriage forever, but our differences began to wear on our children and that was something I couldn’t live with.  Since the divorce I haven’t really kept in contact with any of that side of the family except my Ex-SIL.  She and I kept in contact because she has a great relationship with my kids and enjoys spending time with them.

Her name is Cindy.  She is one of “those” types of people.  You know the kind – the kind that doesn’t see how truly great they are and what a blessing they are to other people.  I feel like she often sells herself short.  At any rate we are Facebook friends and she is always posting these fantastic “real-life” stories.  I have said to her many times that she should start a blog.  She however, doesn’t have the time or knowledge or desire really to blog.  Just last night she posted another great story and I decided to ask her if I could just blog for her.  I am going to feature her as a guest blogger from time to time.  I am going to copy and paste her FB posts and share them on my blog.  I will share the link with her so she can see any comments you all might leave.

We all have bad days and it seems to me that often times I read her posts and it just so happens it is one of my bad days.  Her post says something I need to hear at the exact right time.  I think her words are important to share.  So if you happen along my blog and see a post that starts out with “Just Cindy”, take a second to read it.  It will be worth your time.

Now I’m off to post her story from last night – which isn’t one of her funny ones.  It is actually a little sad – but sweet in the end. 🙂  So I hope you enjoy.