Welcome to 2014 my friends! <3


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there~ 🙂

Yay!!! 2014 is here!!!!

I flippin LOVE New Years!!  It is an absolutely brand new start to everything for everyone!!  This is the day that you get to choose WHO you want to be – WHY you want to be that person – WHAT you need to do to get there – and HOW you can accomplish those steps. 


The really cool thing about that is that as you get older, the “WHO” you want to be changes.  Your “life idea” changes.  So now is the time to decide who you want to be this year!  I always like to take a look back at the past year and think about which things I would liked to have turned out differently. 

For instance – in 2013 – I was not near as successful in business as I would like to have been, I didn’t do as many crafts with my kids as I would like to have, I didn’t exercise near enough, I didn’t buy a new car and I certainly didn’t have near as many “ladies nights” as I should have.  There were other things I would like to have changed too, but those were my top 5!

The next step is to figure out WHY those things didn’t work out like I would have liked for them to and then make my New Years Resolutions based on those reasons.  And awaaaay we go…

ImageWell duh…that is kind of a staple resolution… (although I am pretty awesome – so I’ll try super hard to top last year…and might I add that I am a little miffed that I couldn’t find this with red-headed little Lego people…..so maybe I’m not so awesome.  Challenge accepted!)

Ok…although it is a little cheesy – it really is all about that – BEING MORE AWESOME THAN YOU WERE LAST YEAR!  We just need to decide what that means…ya know?

In looking back…

Why was I not as successful in business as I would like to have been?  All in all I think it comes down to having too much on my plate, not prioritizing properly and unbelievably poor organizational and time management skills. 


First of all – staying up until 4 or 5 am and then squeezing in a couple hours of sleep before I start all over is NOT the answer.  Most days “a couple hours of sleep” turns into sleeping most of the productive hours of the day away and feeling very irritated with myself when I finally get up – so frustrated that I give up on the day and figure I’ll try again tomorrow. 

There are days that I actually accomplish the “couple hours” and get up and go again bright and early.  This is only making me unhealthy and literally taking precious years of my life away – not cool.  Image

If I really want to be successful this year – I need to have a sound business plan.  This means short and long term goals, ideas on how to accomplish them, prioritizing, organizing and scheduling EVERYTHING!! 

How am I going to do a 360?  Well, first my new bedtime is going to be midnight.  There will be a night or two that I need to stay up a little late to get things done, but I want to go to bed as close to midnight as possible.  In addition I have started using a new calendar system.  I’m going to blog about that later this week.  If organization, time management and prioritizing things are a problem for you and your family, you are going to LOVE it!!  I think by doing those 2 things everything else will fall into place.

Everything else on my “crappy things of 2013” list all make more sense now!  I didn’t get to do as many crafts with my kiddos because I couldn’t find time in my day to fit them in.  I was too busy playing catch up from sleeping in all day. 😦  I didn’t exercise as much as I wanted for the same exact reason.  My health should NEVER be put on the back burner – what was I thinking?!  I didnt’ get a new car because I wasn’t as successful in business as I should have been.  And I didn’t have enough ladies nights because I was too busy worrying about everything else to find time for me and my friends!!!  Ugh! NO MORE!!


…and welcome to the new (more awesome) ME!!

Cat’s New Years Resolutions

1.) Be more awesome than I was last year. (That always has to be #1)

2.) Go to bed as close to midnight as possible.

3.) Use my new calendar system to schedule everything!!  (I decided against putting potty breaks on there – because as a mom – we just squeeze that in when we can! 😉Image

4.) Putting money in my savings account.  I am going to try this nifty little plan ——————->, except (on the advice of a friend) I am going to go backwards so it gets easier throughout the year.

Image5.) ROCKING 2014!!  (these little things might help make this happen:


And that about sums it up.  I am so super excited about the possibilities that this year holds for me, for my family, and for YOU!!


I wish you all the absolute best in 2014.  What are your Resolutions?  Plans?  Goals?  Dreams?  Just remember…anything is possible if you only believe.  That is my new mantra – I plan to live the hell out of it. ❤