Day 7 – My Roof and Ravioli

Hi ya peeps!!  On this 7th day of my social media challenge, Wednesday December 3rd, I am thankful for #ARoofOverMyHead, #CrazyNationalHolidays and #Ravioli!!  How does that all tie in?

Today is National Roof Over Your Head Day!!  I love to celebrate fun and wacky holidays!!  For instance – National Bacon Day!!  Oh yes!! It does exist!!  Today, the spirit of things is a little more sobering.  Bottom line – there are too many homeless people out there (young and old) that don’t have a roof over their head or much anything at all really.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot actually.  Homelessness….is a very controversial subject.  Some people think we shouldn’t help homeless people because they put themselves in the situation they are in.  Some people would take the shirt off their backs to warm the body of a homeless person.  We all have the rights to our own thoughts and beliefs…. here are my thoughts:

Regardless of their situation or happenstance: homeless people are humans. Period.  However, I personally often get irritated when someone approaches me on the street and asks for money.  It isn’t because of who they are, how they dress or what they look like.  It’s usually because I feel like I can’t trust them.  I work very hard to provide for my family and I don’t want to hand out my hard earned money to someone that isn’t trying to make a life for themselves.  Or worse, someone who is just taking our money – as an income?!  Ugh… I just get so frustrated.

However, it is the holiday season and I really hate to think of anyone suffering.  So on this day, that I am telling you I am so incredibly thankful for the roof over my head.  So much so that I really should stay up all night and scour it from top to bottom! Ok…realistically that isn’t going to happen….the key word there was should.  Sleep is going to win tonight, but Sunday… Mr. Magic Eraser, Mr. Scuncci Steam Cleaner and I have a hot date!! 🙂

Today – I challenge you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I challenge you to follow these steps:

  1. Take the $5 you were going to spend at Taco Bell on lunch tomorrow…
  2. Go to Wal-Mart and buy a can of Ravioli…
  3. Go to Dollar Tree and buy 4 pairs of socks with your left over change from the Ravioli…
  4. Drop off the socks at a local Homeless Shelter or Women’s Shelter (They need kid socks too!)
  5. Enjoy your steaming bowl of ravioli with the huge side of basically being awesome. 😀

Today was another easy day to pick what I am thankful for.  I am 7 days – a whole week – in to my challenge.  Are you playing along??

QUESTION OF THE DAY: When was the last time you donated money, products or your time to a homeless or women’s shelter near you?  (Hint: If your answer is never…today is the day! – You can even do it anonymously…)

I can’t wait to hear/read/see your posts!!  If you guys play along on any social media sites please use the hashtag: #365smc That way I can follow along all year and give you guys some shout outs!!

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See ya’ll tomorrow! 😀

Love ya lots, like tator tots!!

Love, Cat