Just Cindy – “Hugs”

Soooo awesome to know there are still people in this world that can look beyond differences and simply show love and compassion to a total stranger…now I have to tell you all the details so don’t go judging me and pointing a finger of accusation.
DON’T belittle my story! Earlier this evening Jamie and I went to Sam’s to get the flowers to do Nana’s casket spray. We carefully picked and chose what we thought she would love and went to check out. I gently placed my selections on the counter and the young lady started to ring them up. She asked another young lady to come over and hold them while she scanned them. In the mean time I put a long box on the counter and said we could just place them in the box.
As she helped me she said “ooooh these are sure some pretty flowers, what’s the special occasion” I paused for what seemed forever as I fought back the tears but I knew I had to answer or seem rude and before I knew I said…they’re for my mother in laws funeral.
I tried to not, but the tears rolled down my face and she said “oh I’m sooo sorry, don’t cry” Then she said “come here, can I hug you right now?” It’s gonne be alright and she hugged me tight and rubbed her hand on my back. That might not seem like much but in this hate filled world of folks trying to keep a race war going, and folks not caring about others…it meant the world to me.