It’s my birthday!!!! I’m 29…..again!


Sooo….a few years ago my friends celebrated my birthday by decorating my “office” with “Cat is 29 AGAIN!!” banners. I was turning 31 that year and didn’t feel old at all. I decided that until I felt old I was going to celebrate being 29 every year on my birthday.

I love holidays! All of them!! Although I absolutely friggin LOVE birthdays!! Not just mine, everyone’s!! I think you’re birthday is what makes you…you! I mean whether we are talking astrologically or in regards to the time period you were born in…if you had any other birthday – you would be different. At least I think so. For me, my birthday is the single most important day of my year. Not “the” year – I’m not selfish. I enjoy everyone’s birthdays and other holidays. However, my birthday is the day I reflect on the past year. What I’ve learned, who I was on my last birthday and who I am now, what’s the difference and why. Then I make my resolutions for the following year. I know most people do that on January 1st…I do it on June 1st. It just seems like that is the day for me to make my plan on being a better person through the next year.

So, here I am…29 again. Later today I am getting together with friends throughout the day. I am having brunch with some of them at 11, catching a movie with some of them at 2, doing a Painting With a Twist party with some of them at 6 and then playing darts and singing karaoke until the wee hours of the morning. 🙂 I planned all of these events because my big resolution this year is to make more time for my friends. In this day and age of technology…it should be easy to keep up. Unfortunately, I think it is a little too easy. You read someone’s statuses on Facebook often enough and you feel like you are all caught up. I can’t even remember the last time I picked up a phone to call a friend to just chat. This year I plan to try and work on that. And on my special day today… I challenge you all to do the same. Pick a friend you haven’t talked to in ages today and just call. For no reason. Just to chat. I bet it will make their day…and yours.

What are some of your special birthday memories or traditions?


Gulp?! 12… That’s almost 13!! Help?!

Can you help?! Especially if you know @Shaycarl or @katilette!! Her favorite people on Earth!

Postcards from the Shaycarl family would guarantee me the Mom of the Year award (I’d say Mom of the decade…but there is no guarantee when she actually turns into a teenager next year that she’ll still think I’m the best thing ever.)

However, she thinks quarters from each state are cool so I imagine postcards from around the world would be pretty fantastical!

Her birthday is the 18th but they could come whenever if you want to play!

The MiniMe (Ally)
PO Box 121861
Fort Worth, TX 76121

I would appreciate any re-tweets, Presses and Facebook Shares!! Thanks so much for helping to make her last pre-teen birthday the coolest thing ever!!