Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy?! He’s only 4…

So just got the call about #LittleMan’s surgery. The anesthesiologist I spoke with made me feel so much better!! 🤗

I know having your tonsils and adenoids removed isn’t a huge surgery but it’s still scary from a moms point of view. 😞

I found out he is having it at a Cooks Clinic- not a huge scary hospital. He can have Sprite up to 2 hours before surgery which will make him happy.😊 

It will most likely be an early morning surgery so we can let him sleep till its time to go, so missing breakfast might not be a big deal.🍳

 And the way she explained anesthesia made me much more at ease.🙂

 Still nervous but much more relaxed. 😏

 You parents out there have experience with your kiddos having their tonsils/adenoids out? Or tips for when he’s waking in recovery?

Wishing for an easy surgery and lots of Popsicles after❣