Lee’s Grilled Cheese – Local “Eat!” Review – North Texas 76244

Lee’s Grilled Cheese

ImageToday, the Mini Me, Little Man and I had a few errands to run.  First on the list was to meet up with a friend to deliver door prizes that she and her mother won at the Santa’s Workshop Event I hosted in December.  We were to meet up at the Verizon store off of North Tarrant Parkway.  On the way the Mini Me and I were naming off signs of businesses we had never visited before (because it is fun to see what’s out there!)  We both saw “Lee’s Grilled Cheese” at the same time.  The Mini Me wanted to drop in right then, but we had business to take care of first so I said maybe we would come back.Image

THANK GOODNESS I decided we had time to stop in.  I will go ahead and say I absolutely give this place a big two thumbs up!!!

First off the menu isn’t overwhelming like some little eateries. You know the kind.  Huge King Kong sized chalkboards with 8.2 billion things written in various colors of neon-ish chalk.  Not this one!  It has just enough yummy options to make your mouth water with anticipation while you decide what you want.


ImageI ordered the Gourmet Half Sandwich Combo.  I chose the Classic Grilled Cheese with American, Cheddar and Mozzarella.  I added Caramelized Onions and Sliced Avocado as “+Add Ons” but asked for them on the side (so I could try the sandwich with and without them.) I chose to go with the Soup of the day (over Fries or Chips), which was Gouda Chicken.  Let me stop here and say this.  The girl taking my order (I neglected to get her name) was SUPER helpful and friendly.  She let me know that the way I was ordering was actually more expensive and suggested another route.  I was very impressed with the overall service of the staff – but especially her.  This meal came with a drink that was supposed to be a medium size (I’m guessing 20 oz.), but they were out of cups so I got a HUGE drink (32 oz – maybe 40 – it was a big Styrofoam cup that I filled with Dr. Pepper.  That’s all I know.)

ImageThe Mini Me ordered the same thing with different add on’s.  She chose mushrooms and sliced avocado and fries instead of soup.  The girl suggested I make it a kids meal to save money and let me know that it came with a full sandwich.  Her meal came with a small drink (probably 8 oz.) but it is free refills while you are there – so size didn’t really matter.

Ok – now for the Review.

SANDWICH: I can honestly say this was the best Grilled Cheese sandwich I have EVER eaten!  The bread was cooked just right so that I wanted to eat the crust!  The fact that you can pick your own 3 cheeses out of these makes it so the sandwich fits you perfectly!  The Mister likes spicy cheeses – so he probably would have went for the Chipotle Gouda or the 3 Pepper Colby Jack.  I’m glad I wasn’t limited to just one or two choices.  The Caramelized Onions were delicious and the sliced avocado was fresh and tasty!  Next time I’ll definitely have them throw my “add-ons” on my sandwich – although it was wonderful all by itself!  I’m thinking maybe the grilled pineapple slices and some smoked bacon!!  Man…I wish I was there now!! (I know it’s nearly 2 a.m. – don’t judge me!)  The Mini Me loved her sandwich too, and I did sneak a few of her mushrooms and they were tasty and sautéed perfectly!  The sandwiches get 2 big thumbs up!

SOUP: The soup was…interesting.  It tasted really good and I really enjoyed it!  I actually added some of my onions and avocado to the soup – because I’m weird like that.  I have never had soup made with Gouda cheese before – so maybe I’m not familiar with the texture.  I know that all cheeses melt differently and this one doesn’t melt down smooth.  I give the soup 1 big thumb up – I actually really enjoyed it, but I wonder if the texture of the soup might be off-putting to some.  Then again – I was trying something new I had never had (or heard of) before, so with that being said – if that is a normal texture for soups made with Gouda cheese – then I imagine people ordering it would expect the texture.  I feel bad even typing this paragraph because the soup was so damn good – but I like to be fair and as clear as possible.

FRIES: Holy crap – these were good.  I’ve had lots of “fresh cut/peel on” type of potatoes at lots of places.  They are usually very greasy and not really all that great.  These were fantastic!!  They were sprinkled with what I think was sea salt and cracked pepper (which was a lovely decision) and the sign says they are “Made with 100% Trans-Fat Free Peanut Oil”.  They must be pretty proud of that fact because the font on the sign that says that is really pretty – so it really stands out.  I would have tried to match it here – but I honestly don’t know how to import other fonts – or if it is even possible.  Two big thumbs up for the fries.

+ ADD ONS…: First off, I love that the sign says, “Go wild, we won’t judge!” (in that really pretty font) and I also love that they have so many options that are all so yummy!  I mean come on…. Grilled Pineapple Slices, Egg (How do you like it?), Sliced Gala Apples, Spinach…. YUMMY!!!  Two big thumbs up!

ImageSIDES: I tried the fries and the soup of the day, but I will have to try the Bowl of Mac n’ Cheese soon – it sounds yummy too! “We cook our homemade Mac n’ Cheese on the grill, creating a gooey and crispy blend that is one of a kind.” See? Yummy!!  Little Man loved the fries too!  They are long fries, we just broke them up in tiny pieces so the heat could escape faster – plus when they are that little he is less likely to try to build a fort with them in his ketchup. (Little mommy trick.) Two big thumbs up for the sides we tried.

SALADS: I didn’t try the salads – however – I have to mention that just under “Yes, We Have Salads” in big bold print, it says “Are you sure today’s not a cheat day?” in the pretty font. 🙂  I will be trying both of these cheeses….errr…I mean salads.  They both sound simply lovely!

DESSERT SANDWICHES: I know that a good Review Blogger orders a little of everything – but I was honestly too stuffed to get dessert!  My combo was only supposed to come with 1/2 sandwich – but you can see I got the whole thing…..so I had to finish it!!  Next time – I promise I’ll try the dessert.

DRINKS: I am a Dr. Pepper or tea person for the most part.  I do love me some strawberry Fanta some days and I’m certainly not opposed to Coke and Sprite.  I have very recently started liking Root Beer (I know that is weird – as a child I hated it and have never really liked it – but all of a sudden when Little Man was big enough for soda – we went with the caffeine free kind – and it just grew on me.)  However, I am not a Pepsi or 7Up Fan.  Not even a tiny little bit.  So I hate it when I find a place that only offers that line of products.  I am happy to say Lee’s Grilled Cheese has a ton to choose from.  Apparently, I caught them just before delivery day because they were out of a few different soda’s.  I love their clever little notes to sad customers.  Although, there were several soda’s to choose from in addition to water and tea (and 2% milk and chocolate milk for the kiddos).  Two big thumbs up on the drink options (and the little out of order notes.)

ImageGAMES: Check this out – You know you are in a cool place when they have a Ms. Pac-Man game to play while you wait!  Who doesn’t love Ms. Pac-Man?!  I love it when they meet in the first intermission!  That is the only arcade style game they have.  However, they also offer a game you can play on your smart phone.  It is an app called “Front Flip” and is free. Click HERE to get the iPhone version and HERE for the GooglePlay version.  This is a game that more and more places are using these days.  You use the app to scan the code displayed in the store and you can win prizes!  The biggest thing I have won was an appetizer at a Mexican Restaurant once, but you can win some even better things!  And real people win!  After I scanned the code, a box appeared on my phone to “scratch”.  The Mini Me “scratched” it with her finger tip and we were not a winner. 😦  But it was fun to play and nice that they offer the service!


My only suggestion is that they have a sandwich called the “One Of Everything Please” that includes the 3 cheeses of my choice and a little of every add on – that sounds like tasty artery clogging HEAVEN!!!  I honestly can’t wait to go back and try something different!  I won’t stop till I’ve had it all – then I’ll go back for more!

IMG_3403Here was something I found interesting.  On the wall here you can see their licenses, what I assume was the first dollar they made after opening the doors, something drawn on a napkin (I couldn’t quite make it out – stick figures or something), and a copy of the Fort Worth,Texas magazine (which I assume they were featured in).  Above all that is a very cool painting done by a customer!!  That’s how you know this place is good! 🙂

If you are in the North Fort Worth area (or will be any time soon) I highly recommend you try this place out.  Here is the address and phone number:

5040 N. Tarrant Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76244 ~ Phone: (979) 219-9021

You can find them online at www.leesgrilledcheese.com.  You can find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/leescheese (Make sure you click “Like”!) and finally you can follow them on Twitter by going to Twitter.com and searching for @leescheese (or even #Yummy, #TheBomDiggity, #RidculouslyGood)

Here is the Mini and Me just before we headed off to do a little geo-caching and finish out our errands.  We loved it and give it 2 BIG GIANT Thumbs Up!!  (Interestingly enough – her 2 fingers are her little signature move in our selfie’s…it doesn’t stand for the two thumbs up…lol)


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And with that…I bid you all a good day. =)


Blogsy… $5 – Yes? or No?

Since I am a newbie – I'm always looking for ideas and such in other people's blogs. I have to admit, I am loving seeing all of the different rhymes and reasons for people to blog/vlog! It is so interesting. One of my most recent idea hunts led me to the “THE BEST blogging application for the iPad” – so says iAppsForTeachers.

After doing some research and reading other people's reviews I decided to go ahead and spend the $4.99 and give this app a try. Apparently you can link it to all of your social media sites and just swipe your pictures and videos right into your blog. So this is a test blog of sorts…just getting the feel of the app to see if it is worth the $5!

I can make things bold and italicized and even underline and strikethrough.

I can format from the left.

Or the right.

Or center my text.

In fact if I have enough blah blah to say I can even justify my text. And I typically do have enough to say. I like to talk. I am one of those literal Chatty Cathy's – although I just go by Cat – because Cathy is my Mama's name. Anyway… I suppose you get the idea. 😉

  • I could do bullet points if I wanted
  • See. 🙂
  1. Or I can number things
  2. if I
  3. wanted to.

I can put things in quote. Although it doesn't look any different to me here – maybe it will when I publish my post.

There is a button I can click to add a “more” link.

All kinds of formatting like:



Heading 1

All the way to Heading 6

I can change the font family. There are several more to choose from than I expected. The only thing is with the formatting on my WordPress Blog – I'm not sure which of them will actually come through…suppose we'll see!:)

  • Andale Mono
  • Arial
  • Arial Black
  • Book Antiqua
  • Comic Sans MS
  • Courier New
  • Georgia (my fave I think)
  • Helvetica
  • Impact
  • Symbol (I expected crazy characters from this one.)
  • Tahoma
  • Terminal
  • Times New Roman
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Verdana
  • Wingdings (I expected crazy characters from this one, too.)

And the font size can go from 8 pt to 36 pt.

You can choose from several colorsyou know the basic color spectrum that you can choose from.

You can also highlight your background in different colors.

Now all of that is pretty standard although the controls are easy to control – way easier than trying to log in to WordPress on my iPad browser. But now for the real test. My media…

If it works I am going to “swipe” in a little video I took the other night via Instagram (which I must say I am super excited that I can now do little 15 minute videos on Instagram!). Anyway – I was showing my little man some lightning behind a cloud just before a little Texas rain. It was pretty because the lightening seemed to be behind just one set of clouds.

So… here we go:

Well…. after trial and error I found that you can't just leisurely swipe it on to your page and then put it where you want it – you have to swipe fast and drop it right where you want it. And from the looks of it – it doesn't look like a video. It just looks like a pic – but maybe once I publish it – it will be a workable video?…









Well pictures work I suppose: This is a pic of my little man. He just woke up (3am) and while Daddio and I are catching up on our DVR'd television shows (yes, at 3 am) and I am blogging (yeah we keep odd hours) he is watching a little Dora the Explorer (in Spanish) to lull him back to sleep.














And here is my attempt at pulling in one of my YouTube Videos: It doesn't appear to be a video either – only time will tell I suppose…


That about wraps it up. Now I am going to publish this and see what happens. I have a feeling a lot of the formatting of the text wont come through because of my theme settings.

Now I am going to head to the publish button and see if I can hit tags and such…

Please comment below if you have used this app and have any tips or if you haven't used it let me know what you think…is it worth the $5? I'll comment after I publish to let you know what I think. 🙂

Happy Blogging!