Hi there. 


I am. 

I am just. 

I am just… me. 

Period. That’s it. 

I started out as a daughter. I am a good daughter. I try to take care of my parents as often as I can and make sure they know that I love them. In the beginning parents make us who we are and then society molds us into who we become. 

I am a sibling. One younger brother. We live too far apart to see each other often enough. I may be a little hard on him but it’s only because I want him to have an amazing life full of happy memories and no regrets. 

I am an ex-wife… twice. The first marriage was young minds thinking big thoughts and growing up too fast.  The second marriage taught me a few things I needed to move on in life and gave me 2 of 3 most cherished things in my life, my first 2 children. Some may think me a sinner for getting divorced and a failure for not succeeding in a successful marriage. Call it what you will. I know the choices I’ve made put my children where they are now and there are definitely no regrets there. 

I am a girl friend. I believe I finally found where my heart belongs and who it belonged with. I may not make the best choices all the time, I may not be able to cook anything. At all. Ever. I may be cluttered both literally and metaphorically. But I do love him and believe I made at least one right decision. 

I am a mother. A damn good mother. I am not the best mother. I make mistakes. I sometimes would rather catch a nap then go to the park. I may be a little more protective than other mothers. I may let them get away with a little too much some days. But my children will never wonder if I love them or what they mean to me. They are the keys to my heart and nothing more than there giggles are needed to change the prospective of any given day. They may think from time to time I have too many rules… I just want to keep them as safe as I can while I can. I want them to have the absolute best life with the best memories.    

I am a painter. I paint acrylic on canvas and love it. I look forward to learning more techniques and building my expertise. Giving or selling my paintings to other people makes me happy. I love the thought of my artistic vision hanging in someone else’s home. 

I am a DIY-er and crafter. I love to make things and repurpose things. I love to make things for other people.

I am a thrift shopper. I love to find great deals at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets and clearance sales. 

I am a blogger. I love to tell stories. Whether they are fact or fiction, it makes me happy. Sometimes I type too much but I always try to reach out and touch someone with my posts. 

I am a vlogger. I don’t really know all of the ins and outs of it yet, but I love posting videos. I love watching other videos and learning about other people and their lives. 

I am a tweeter. I love putting out little tweets and sharing others. I won’t lie… I love when someone famous (or at least famous IMO) follows me. 

I am a worker. I work too much honestly. There are so many things I like and want to do.  I was a bartender for about 12 years and am just now closing that chapter of my life. I’ve been learning medical billing and coding for about a year now and am enjoying the challenge. I am a Scentsational Consultant for Scentsy and am looking forward to growing my business there. I am an Educational Comsultant for Usborne Books and More and that is honestly my passion. I someday hope to be so successful with Usborne that it is the only thing I do professionally. I work a lot. With taking bar tending out of the mix I will have more time for all of the things I love to do listed above. 

I am a woman. An all to often, hard on my self woman. I am not in love with the way I look, but then again who is? No one really, I suspect. At least no one “real” that is. I am who and what I am. And that’s all there is to that. 

In a nutshell I’m a free-spirited, passionate, artsy Usborne and Scentsy lady. A warm cup of Earl Grey, good book & giggles from my babies are the best. I am a lucky girl. 

Agree? Disagree? Comments? I'd like to hear it all!

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