The easiest and most delicious Chicken and Rice dish EVER!

So there it was… Day 4 of my No Eating Out For a Week challenge. It was after 8:00 pm and after working later than I meant to I realized I never pulled out chicken to thaw for the dish I was going to make that night. Doggonit

Do I fall off the wagon and just grab Taco Casa on the way home? Suddenly, my inner voice screamed out at me, “NO! You started this challenge… Now figure something out, you big dummy!” Geez. You don’t have to be so mean. Ok. Ok. You’re right… What to do? This late? I need easy, fast and yummy; I thought.  

I began to push threw all of the jumbled up recipes in my mind that had been shared with me in the last few days. Information overload. 

Suddenly… Somewhere in the darkness I saw a tiny little lightbulb and it was getting closer and closer… Smack! It hit me right between my eyes and I suddenly knew exactly what to do!

I pushed a little harder on the gas pedal as I made my way through the barrage of soccer moms and people just getting out of late night meetings, all on their way to McD’s I’m sure. I really felt sorry for them knowing they would probably have to go back in or through the line again to fix their order that was sure to be messed up. Maybe not… Maybe I’m the only person that all restaurants and fast food places hate. 

I felt like I’d never make it in time. Eventually the sign appeared ahead of me. I felt it’s blue light shining on me from just a hundred feet away. Albertsons had never looked so sweet. 
As I got closer I saw that the parking lot was nearly empty! Aha! It was meant to be. I get a spot right up front. Wait. Why are there grocery carts blocking that door. Oh no!! Don’t tell me they are closed! I noticed a couple coming out of the Exit door so I snuck in and headed to the deli. 

The cleaning crew was no where in site but you could smell the overwhelming scent of lemon from the newly cleaned floor. As I rounded the corner my foot caught just the right slick spot and I felt the cold hard floor before my rear ever hit it. That’s what you get for sneaking in the exit, silly. 

After I picked myself up and looked around I only saw one person and he didn’t appear to be trying to hide laughter, so I didn’t think anyone saw my graceful journey to the floor. I placed my pride back in my pocket and slowly walked over to the heated kiosks. Damn. Empty. 

I took a deep breath and glided over to the young boy (We’ll call him Toby- he looked like a Toby) stocking bell pepper and onions. “Excuse me sir. I know you don’t work in that section, but do you know where they put the leftover rotisserie chickens?”  He nods and I’m pretty sure I can see a small grin that he is trying to hide. Dang it. He did see me wipeout. 

He walks me over to a glass case and there are 4 chickens left. Unfortunately, they are all cold and I don’t mean ‘not hot’, I mean like refrigerator chilled. That is not going to work. I guess Toby could see the disappointment in my face, or maybe he felt bad after watching me bust my ass on the lemony-fresh floor. He says he’ll be right back and sneaks in the deli and comes back out with 3 warm chickens – in 3 different flavors. That Toby, such a nice kid. I take the lemon pepper because it was the closest to me and give him a nod and a quiet, “Thank you very much.” He smiles, gives me a little wink and heads back to return the rest of the chickens. 

As I turn to head toward the checkout I realize I am absentmindedly rubbing my sore bum when an elderly couple turning onto the coffe isle are looking at me and snickering. I quietly take my pride out of my pocket, smack it around a bit, and tuck it deep into the bottom of my purse. Where it remained until much later. 

After I got home, I quickly got to work. The Mini-Me had already cooked the bag of frozen broccoli florets so I only had 3 things left to do. De-bone the chicken, cook the rice and cook the corn. 

I fill the pan with water and throw a couple of tablespoons of butter in to begin to melt. I open both bags of rice which looked the same on the outside:

But when I poured them in the pan, they were completely different. On the top you can see regular white rice with a white cheese powder and on the bottom it is more like a skinny long rice with a yellow cheese powder. Weird.


Anyway… Rice comes to a boil so I turn it to low and put on the lid for about 8 minutes. Which is perfect. It took about that long to de-bone the chicken. Although my niece had to leave the room during the de-boning process. She dissected a frog at school the same day and couldn’t take the sounds the bird was making as I savagely pulled it apart. (Enter evil aunt-y laugh here.)

Once the chicken was ready to go, I stirred the rice and poured the chicken in. While that was warming I emptied the corn in a bowl and added some good ol’ Country Crock and a little salt and pepper. After it spun in the microwave for 2 minutes… Dinner was done!! 

It was so yummy, easy clean up and hardly any leftovers! My family was so appreciative and so proud of me for sticking to my “No Fast Food For a Week” challenge.

Happy to say there seems to be no permanent damage to my bottom and in that moment watching my family eagerly get in line for seconds, I was so proud. 

Pride restored. 

Day 5 is Crock Pot BBQ Chicken. Wish me luck!


Agree? Disagree? Comments? I'd like to hear it all!

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