Italian chicken, green beans and roasted potatoes

Okay, so I tried the Italian chicken thing last night… 

This is what it look like before it went in the oven:

I really have a tough time cooking chicken. I’m always afraid it’s going to be raw and I’m going to make my whole family sick or I’m afraid I’ll cook it too long and it will be to dry. Last night after cooking my chicken 45 minutes it was still very raw so I put it on for another 30 minutes and that was my mistake. 20 minutes probably would’ve been fine but it was so wrong I was so worried if I didn’t cook it long enough it would make everybody sick. 

This is what it look like when it came out of the oven after I cut up the big chicken pieces so they would cook faster:

All in all I felt like everything tasted pretty good although I did add some Italian salad dressing to my chicken because it was a little bland for me. The kids seem to like it and everyone had their favorite. The big kid like the chicken, the mini me like the potatoes, the little guy wouldn’t even try it… He is so picky! I really like the green beans and the Mister. didn’t try it either…


Day three will be taco Tuesday… How can I messed that up?! Wish me luck…

Agree? Disagree? Comments? I'd like to hear it all!

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