Day 4 – Chinese Restaurants Next to Laundromats

Hi guys!! This is Cat, back with day #4 of my Social Media Challenge!  For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about check out this link:

Day 1 – You guys gonna play? – That is the intro post about my challenge. 🙂

So on day #4 of my challenge I am thankful for… #Laundromats and #ChineseRestaurantsNextToLaundromats

Here is why… I had planned to spend my entire Sunday doing laundry.  My older 2 kids are big enough to do their own, but I find it smells more fresh and just looks nicer when I do it.  So from time to time (and by that I mean most of the time) I do their laundry.  Yes, yes.  I know – this makes me an uber horrible mother.  I’m not teaching them any values by doing everything for them…yada, yada, yada. I KNOW!!  It’s just this control issue I have.  I just find it is easier to make sure things are done right when I do them myself.  THAT is exactly why there are mounds of laundry in my home that need to be done…. sigh.  I brought it on myself, I know.  The 3 year old cannot even reach the top of the washing machine – so that is obviously on me – for now.  (You know, until he’s old enough to do his own – so that I can do it for him then too…ugh.)

Then there are my clothes.  Oh. My. Gosh.  You see, I do medical billing full time so I have all my “scrubs and casual dress day – including office appropriate Tshirts and jeans” clothes.  Also, I am a bartender 2 times a week so I have the “sort of sexy but not too much because I’m still a mom” clothes.  In addition to that I’m a crafter and an acrylic canvas painter so I have my “craft and paint” clothes – which honestly are covered in glue/glitter/paint so they only need to be washed so I smell pretty while I’m creating.  Obviously, I’m a mom and wifey-ish.  So that means I have “Meet the Teacher” clothes, “Need to go grocery shopping” clothes, “Need to go to the mailbox at the end of the driveway” clothes, “Sitting around the house working on blog/vlog/work stuff” clothes, “Cleaning house” clothes, and “Do not mess with me – I’m sleeping in” clothes.  Not to mention all of the unmentionables… (hee hee, see what I did there – I crack myself up.)

Like I said…I had planned on spending the entire day doing laundry!!  I slept in a tiny bit and then got up ready to move laundry.  I was so prepared, I had even put in a load to wash before I went to bed, so I could start off the day with a full load washing and drying!  I potty, wash my face, slip on the fuzzy socks, step over the baby gate and pad into the laundry room.  Open the washing machine and…. What?  It was full of water.  So I immediately assumed one of my kids didn’t pull them knob to start the thing after I told them last night to throw a few school uniforms in.  Push. Click-click-click. Pull.  Silence. I repeated this sequence about 4 times – kind of simulating what I usually do with the snooze on my alarm clock/iPhone.  I just keep doing it until I am really awake and reality sets in.  Dammit.

Well, it was bound to happen.  I’ve had the set for 14 years – it’s been good to me and I suppose it was time to let go.  I tell the Mini Me we are headed to the Laundromat – she moans and groans – until I let her in on the secret of the #ChineseRestaurantNextToTheLaundromat. 😀  She and her laundry basket were ready in record time.  (She loves Chinese food.)  The Big Kid gets his laundry ready (and I’m pretty sure snuck back to bed when I left.) and I gathered all the Little Man’s clothes along with my own.  Luckily, the Mister spent 8 years in the Navy and prefers to do his own laundry. 🙂

Off we go to the Laundromat.  Here is how that went in a few words:

Unload. Wash. Go around the corner to get quarters because the $12 in quarters I brought only covered washing – apparently laundry prices have went up in the last 14 years. Dry. Eat Chinese.  Dry Again. Fold. Drive home. Put clothes away and force big kids to do the same.

The Mister asks what kind of new washer I want.  Although secretly I want a shiny red, front loading brand-spanking-new set, I say, “The kind that washes clothes, babe. I’m not picky. (smile)”.  He shops online for a while and I go to start scooping the water out of the washing machine.  After the first full bucket he says he Googled it and maybe it is just a clogged drain. What? Really?  He thinks he can syphon the water out.  (That’s pretty cool, I wasn’t looking forward to scooping 8 billion gallons of water out cup by cup.)  Then he sticks a plastic hanger in the hole that lets the washer know the door is shut – and the damn thing just started spinning.  So it turns out to be just a broken switch.  He can fix it.  Hopefully, he will have it all good to go by next Sunday… otherwise, it’s a trip back to the Laundromat and Chinese for lunch next Sunday. (Chicken fried rice and an egg roll for only $3.95 – you really can’t beat it.)  I imagine he will get it fixed – it’s about time for him to do his laundry.

If you’d like to see my video on the story, check out the speed video of our day, check out the funny and cute pics of the me and the MiniMe (there are a few below) and listen to our banter about One Direction, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and J14Magazine, you can hope over to my YouTube channel, Obliviously Awesome and check out THIS video. The video is about 7 1/2 minutes long so it would be a fun little break for ya. – Here is the YouTube Video that goes with this post.  Click on the “ObliviouslyAwesome” logo at the very bottom of this page to take you directly to my YouTube channel – Obliviously Awesome! 🙂

I look forward to your comments and questions below and on my YouTube video. Remember if you want to play along with my social medial challenge, use the hashtag: #365smc. See you guys tomorrow!



Here is a pic of me and the Mini Me when we were all doneIMG_1132.JPG

This kid is crazy but the #fortunecookie was total #truth. 😉



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