Redhead Warning Label

Redhead Warning Label
Red headed women are not to be abused. Use with care as directed.
1. Staring directly into her eyes may cause overwhelming emotions.
2. Prolonged listening to her words may cause exposure to her heart.
3. Her talent is of artistic nature. Any denial is penalty under her law.
4. All parts of her life are hers to keep. Removal may cause bodily harm.
5. She’s better dirty. Do not rinse, lather or repeat unless she chooses.

Quotes About or By Redheads

•It’s not the hair that turns men on, it’s the spirit that redheads exude.”

•“I used to hate my red hair, but now I love the attention I get with it. I think that very smart, daring men love red hair, and I love that in a man.”

•”Redheads have been nicknamed demons by my associates and I think because of what they can do to the human heart. Best thing that’s hit the Earth, ever.”

•“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall in love with a gorgeous redhead!”
-Lucille Ball


2 thoughts on “Redhead Warning Label

  1. Haha, perfect! I really do love the warning label. I only just today heard about “Ginger Hating” in the UK. Do you know of this? It’s terrible, don’t google until you’ve told your kids you love them/been to the gym so you have less rage.

    • I knew you’d identify with it to. My friend had a beautiful way with words. 🙂

      Never heard of “Ginger Hating”…at least not in the UK. I’ll tell the kids I love them and hop by the gym on the way to work. Then I’ll google it. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get to take my rage out at someone at work. 😀 you’ve totally brightened my day!

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