Gulp?! 12… That’s almost 13!! Help?!

Can you help?! Especially if you know @Shaycarl or @katilette!! Her favorite people on Earth!

Postcards from the Shaycarl family would guarantee me the Mom of the Year award (I’d say Mom of the decade…but there is no guarantee when she actually turns into a teenager next year that she’ll still think I’m the best thing ever.)

However, she thinks quarters from each state are cool so I imagine postcards from around the world would be pretty fantastical!

Her birthday is the 18th but they could come whenever if you want to play!

The MiniMe (Ally)
PO Box 121861
Fort Worth, TX 76121

I would appreciate any re-tweets, Presses and Facebook Shares!! Thanks so much for helping to make her last pre-teen birthday the coolest thing ever!!

26 thoughts on “Gulp?! 12… That’s almost 13!! Help?!

  1. I’d be more than happy to send a postcard! I will share this post on my social media channels tomorrow to try and get more people to participate. I think this is amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I came here through Jen. I am so in and I’m going to share this.
    I was older, but my mom once arranged for me to receive, ok this is going to sound weird at first, my mom had me sent statue frogs from all over the world. Every one was handmade, from an international culture, and out of a local resource. To this day they are lined up in my living room on eye-level display and I take great pleasure in telling the story.
    This, what you’re doing, joking as you were, may not mean anything when she’s a teenager, but protect them because she will want them back one day. She will.

    • Dang you Melanie…that made me cry. All I’ve ever wanted is to be a good momma. I hope this means as much to her as it means to me. Maybe it’ll make her still like me when she hits that teen number. ๐Ÿ™‚ I sure hope so – I adore her.

      • This will stick. I just know it!
        I don’t have any postcards, but I do have a notecard with a picture of the Eiffle Tower. I don’t even know where I’d go to find a post card in my own city. How sad is that! Probably somewhere down in the city where all the tourists go. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’m in Atlanta. I didn’t get out of the office today and we’re expecting another snow storm so I went all prep-crazy bread and milk buying tonight because we don’t do snow well here. I didn’t get by any hotels. I have a card ready. If I can get a postcard tomorrow, I will; if not, then I’ll drop the card in the mail. I hope that’s ok?

      • Oh how exciting! This is just such a fantastic thing to do for her. I dropped mine in the mail yesterday (hopefully it will get there in time with all this winter weather freaking out the South).

  3. My heavens this kid has good YouTube taste. I’ve been following them for about for years. I’ve never gotten a response from shay or Collette but I have from Casey. I’ll do my best. (Is Dallas too close a place to receive a post card from?) Maybe I can send one when I’m in SW MISSOURI next week.

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