#AI – Crazy For You

Wowy Wow Wow!

I am sooooo looking forward to this season of American Idol!!

The first episode starts in Boston, Massachusetts and ends in Austin, Texas with 46 Golden Tickets being handed out. 

First things first – Harry Flippin Connick, Jr. (@HarryConnickJr on Twitter)  He is the judge to watch this season.  I do love me some JLo (@JLo on Twitter) and Keith (@KeithUrban on Twitter) on any given day, however, HCJ speaks the truth.  He is not letting any ridiculousness get through this season it seems.  In season 12 there were a few that made it through that were…..um…..well – not so talented?  I think that JLo and Keith just don’t like to hurt people’s feelings.  They are calling him “Dr. No” and “Harsh Harry” – fitting, but honestly a little bit needed.  As sweet as JLo and Keith are – everyone with an “ok” voice can’t make it through. 

And what was up with Ryan Seacrest?! (@RyanSeacrest)  He was so clumsy in this episode! He tumbled over chairs, dropped cowboys and was just a bit…off.  As always, he was very entertaining.  He’s a doll – you kinda got to love him.

My favorites from the episode:

  • Sam Woolf – Tweeted: “Even if my nerves resulted in a speeded up version on Lego house, I couldn’t of asked for a better audition! #Idol”  Check out his performance HERE.
  • Stephanie Hanvey –   Cute girl, sweet voice.  Her tweets say that she has a new single out – Check it out!
  • Austin Percario – Sweet kid!  His mom is a bit of a stage mom, but he’s headed to Hollywood and he’ll be 18 by then – so no mama tagging along. He tweets: “Check me out on vine: AustinPercario & Insta: AustinJPercario …. I’m gonna put some stuff up tonight! 🙂 http://www.facebook.com/AustinJPercario
  • Kaitlyn Jackson – Bittersweet story.  LOVED her original song and voice!!  If she can write like this, this early – she has a great future ahead.  Looking forward to following it.  She tweeted: “@JustxJessica you can find me on iTunes! Just search my name or my album, Crush!”
  • Keith London – Good voice.  He tweets: “For the record. I did get all 3 judges to say yes. The edit made it look like @HarryConnickJR didn’t believe in me. But he did!!”
  • Madelyn Patterson – Super cute, great voice!  She was so excited about grabbing up the golden ticket she totally ignored HCJ while he was trying to give her advice.  He was obviously offended and even after she asked him to please repeat it because she really did want to hear what he had to say, he told her no – that he’d give try to give her advice again in Hollywood.  One piece of advice to other Idol hopefuls – Don’t offend HCJ!! – Bad mojo!!  She tweeted: “#Hollywood haha I’m such a dork (: pic.twitter.com/vdbaOKlSaj
  • Munfarid Zaidi – My favorite of the night.  He is a good voice – but the whole clip was funny as hell.  It started with HCJ picking him up and spinning him around and then promising to cradle him like a baby while he sang a second song – IF he did well on the first.  Harry had to pay off on that promise and it was hilarious.  You gotta see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxCJCJJd0vU  Only 2 tweets – which leads me to believe if that is really his Twitter handle.  However he tweeted: “@HarryConnickJR No one recognizes me from my Idol audition yesterday until I jump into their arms #cradle #AmericanIdol“.  




HCJ (He tweets a lot so I could only pick a few…lol.)

  • .@AmericanIdol starts TONITE!  these contestants put the ‘I CAN’ in american and the ‘I DO’ in idol – can’t wait!!! #idol
  • i’m so excited about the @AmericanIdol premiere tonite, i made my children audition for a chance to watch with me. only one made it through.
  • i feel like a real judge!!!  i just hired doug llewelyn and a bongo player to follow me around for the day! #idoltonight #wapner
  • did you like the cradle???  we need more cradling!!!  post your cradle pix!!!let’s get it trending!  #cradle #idoltonight

Ryan Seacrest:

My favorite tweets featuring: #AmericanIdol

And that’s a wrap!

Agree? Disagree? Comments? I'd like to hear it all!

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