Nerdville, Texas

So I started class this last Monday. First time in school in a couple (ahem…) of years. I had a backpack so I scooped it up and through 3,000 pounds of text inside, along with my pencils, pens, paper, binders and super fan dangle calculator.


Yep. That backpack couldn’t withstand the awesomeness of me. So after class I went shopping for a new backpack. All of the bags I looked at either sported Ninja Turtles or Dora the Explorer (which I like both but kind of want people to take me seriously at school), or they were $8.88 and made of some weird fabric crossover between nylon and Hefty Garbage bags. And I use the name “Hefty” lightly because these backpacks wouldn’t hold my 2 English texts alone…much less the rest of my stuff!

At any rate I was just about to head home and I see this cute little bag and fell in love. Even though I knew it wouldn’t hold all of my school stuff, I had to have it! It was only $4.88 and was so….me! I quickly devised a plan on how I could make it work and dashed to the checkout.

This morning I got up, got dressed and had my new little bag packed and ready to go. With one quick last check in the mirror, I realize why I wanted that bag so badly.

I am a flippin nerd!! N. E. R. D. That has to stand for something badass I’m sure. But for now I’ll take it at face value.

I’m a nerd. Nerds are cool…so there.


After my math class was over and I grabbed a snack and a few more supplies (I know…seriously) I see a girl walking in front of me…and I just laughed. No I mean I laughed. Hard. So hard she looked to see what I was looking at. Since I was trying to get my camera on my phone to come on anyway, I acted like it was something on the phone. Then I walked away, embarrassed that I had let myself laugh so blatantly at her.

She was all of 100 pounds, hair up in a very messy bunch with a rubber band, bright pink headphones on (not earbuds – headphones), a black Pokemon backpack, neon pink tank top under an off the shoulder neon green shirt, skinny jeans and fuzzy boots. I swear I tried to get a picture but she was too fast.

Ok. So if that is what a nerd looks like, I totally wanna trade my ticket in. We’ll wait…maybe she was a geek? I honestly don’t know. And to each their own. I’m sure she felt very comfortable with what she was wearing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think it looked ridiculously silly.

Oh well…I just know it was hilarious and I still feel like a cool nerd. 🙂

Good day all…I’m off to English.


I am my own worst enemy…tis true.

Dear #Procrastination.

I detest you. I am dying to see the new books I “ordered”. Oh wait…because of you I put it off and now I’ll have to wait until next week to finally see what the Secrets of the Apple Tree really are, not to mention all the other Usborne goodies in my shopping cart. The office is closed for inventory the next two days and you knew that!  I am officially done with you! I have big plans for my business this year and I just can’t make them happen with you lurking around. It’s over. It’s time for me to move on and start hanging out with my cool friends: #Believe, #Motivation, #Determination, and #Success. So, no more visits from you! Absolutely unacceptable! Got it? Good!

~Sincerely, Cat.