Sometimes….you just have to let them get messy.


He was so bored… He has a hard time getting a spoon of food in his mouth without turning it upside down. He can fork just about anything…but the spoon is a bit of a challenge when it comes to gravity.

But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t try…


Give. Me. Your. Spoon!!


My spoon?


Yes! My spoon. ๐Ÿ™‚ (feeling proud)


But then…


Decides he doesn’t need a spoon.


And this made him waaaaaay happier than winning the fight over the spoon (that he only won because the Big Kid didn’t want to wear spaghettio’s too!)



What about you? Do you let your kiddos get messy every now and then? Or are you like the Mister? His OCD and tiny phobia of germs makes moments like these few and far between.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes….you just have to let them get messy.

  1. Haha I’m sure I will have the messiest kids ever. One of my Sister in Laws is so OCD about keeping her kids clean that she couldn’t hardly stand her son’s first birthday when he got to eat his own miniature cake. She was totally freaking out about the crumbs and the icing all over his face… that’s where all the fun is!

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