Questions, Questions, Questions. Tell Me About You!

So…there I was checking out my favorite blogs when I found another great one!! 🙂

Suzie commented on one of my favorite bloggers posts and I hopped over to her page and love it so far!!  So I added another page to my faves.  I loved that Suzie did an interactive post!!  So now I’m doing my homework and looking forward to her follow up post on everyone’s answers.  So if you have a few minutes “Press” it and answer the 7 questions!  It’ll be fun to learn a little about everyone!

After my 7 questions I am going to crochet about 15 minutes before bed…(yep, still at it!).  Tonight I am learning the “treble stitch” 😀 (Heck yes, I am that cool!!)  Then I’d like to do a blog inspired by Rarasaur’s newest post – maybe in the morning though…and by morning I mean after I sleep and wake up.  It’s 3:30am now – so technically it is already morning…and I have 8.2 billion things to do tomorrow – I seriously shouldn’t be awake right now.  And so I ramble on…and on…. and on.  OK!!!  Homework.

1. Why have you chosen your blog name? WahmCat – Well – it is in 2 parts. Wahm: That stands for Work At Home Mom and Cat: my nickname (it’s actually Cathy – but that is also my mom’s name so I go by Cat.)  When I started this blog – I wanted it to be to inspire moms (and dads) to believe in themselves, realize we are all human and go through different trials, and reach for their dreams.  My life now, is all about being a Wahm and that is such a lovely, lovely thing.  So that’s where the inspiration came from. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

2. When you have an hour of free-time, what do you do? Aren’t you just the cutest thing ever?!  An HOUR of FREE time?!  You really are in touch with your imagination – you must have been an excellent student in Kindergarten!  An hour….haahhahahahhahaha.  Oh. You were serious.  You mean people actually have that for realsies?!  Well…. I suppose IF I had an hour of free time I would spend it um…. gosh, I just don’t know!  I schedule EVERYTHING!!  Even recently when I took up crocheting, I had to fit it into my schedule.  I suppose, if I could muster an hour to do anything I wanted, that wasn’t scheduled… I would enjoy sitting back and reading a great book.  No noises.  No phone. No children, dogs or husbands.  Just me, my book and a glass of wine…. sigh. Now I’m jealous of that chick in my imagination. Dammit.

3. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what would it be? Now see, this one is tough for me.  I’m one of those “I would never change anything about my past – because I wouldn’t be who I am today.” kind of people.  So staying one age forever kind of squeezes into that realm.  At 18 I thought I knew everything – and all the adults in my life – well…they knew I didn’t.  At 21 I realized they were right.  By 25 I had a pretty good head on my shoulders, but I started feeling short on time.  I mean I want to be one of those red-heads that live to be 100!!  And 25 is 1/2 of 50 – and 50….well, that’s half dead!  By 29, I was dreading turning 30 because then I would no longer be the girl in my 20’s celebrating life.  Then I turned 30 – and they became the best years of my life – so far.  So, I’m happy with aging…I mean sort of happy.  It’d be nice if my skin and body stayed at 25. 🙂

4. If you could learn to do something, what would it be? Well, as a matter of fact I am learning to paint and crochet. 🙂  I’ve been taking classes at Painting With a Twist (that is where they teach you to paint while you drink wine).  I’ve done 3 paintings so far and may be doing another one soon. 🙂  I picked up crocheting a week ago.  I have learned a couple of different stitches.

5. What would be the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery? I am so selfish.  I would buy an SUV.  A super nice, super cute, super practical SUV.

6. What is the thing that makes you absolutely unique? Well, I am a natural redhead – and we are a different breed of people – but that makes “us” unique not me. I am going to be doing a blog on the things that make me….me, in the next few days – so I’ll save this answer for that post. 🙂

7. What is your favourite blogOk, I honestly can’t pick just one.  That’s like asking me what my favorite candy is!  Or asking a politician what their favorite lie is!  Or asking a grandma which grandkid is her favorite?! I can’t pick just one!!  I enjoy Rarasaur‘s because she is flippin hilarious, I like Mummy Flying Solo’s because she posts things we all “think about”, I like Kate at Did That Just Happen – because A) that title defines my life and B) we are neighbors (:)), and  just found Hacker. Ninja. Hooker. Spy. – whom I love for so many reasons and I love Doodlemum because her drawings are lovely and always make me smile – Oh! and I can’t forget Don of all Trades – another one that makes me laugh (and sometimes gasp!)  See this isn’t fair – there are so many more I want to list and feel so guilty not listing them that I almost want to delete this whole answer….lol.

So there ya go – my 7 thingys.  Now I’m off to sleep for about 2 hours before I get up and start my day.  Lots and lots to do today!!  Take a second to click on the post below that got me going and answer the 7 questions yourself.  Go on.  I dare ya! (Ha! – Now you have to do it!) 😉

Questions, Questions, Questions. Tell Me About You!.

14 thoughts on “Questions, Questions, Questions. Tell Me About You!

  1. Aw! Thanks for the shoutout, that was a nice thing to come upon while reading 🙂
    Also– that’s reassuring to hear about the 30s. In my mind I have very lofty ambitions for that decade… I’m a bit over 2 years away, aaah.

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