Looky Looky!!

Look at what I just made!! 


My first attempt at crocheting! I’ve knitted before (years ago when the Big Kid was brand new), but I’m really digging this crocheting thing!!

What is it you ask? Well, after another 8.2 billion hours of practice, this will be a dishcloth!  Then after I turn pro I want to make Little Man a teddy bear blanket. 🙂 Only time will tell!!

7 thoughts on “Looky Looky!!

  1. LOL – I love to crochet, but all I can make are scarves and blankets… pretty much I can handle a rectangle! 🙂 But, I do love doing it in the evenings, especially when it’s cold outside! Mr. T will get out his yarn and we’ll crochet and watch TV together! (Okay, it’s not like it happens every night, but sometimes!)

    • Ha! The Mister was just telling me last night that he use to crochet when he was like 11 or something. How fun! I’m hoping I can get past the wash cloth stage and make it to a decent blanket…lol

    • Thanks so much! (And thanks for the follow – headed over to your spot now to check out your blog!) I am excited about this new hobby!! I thought it was going to be hard – but so far the hardest part is remembering what number stitch I’m on when I have to get up and chase Little Man because he has grabbed yet something else off of my desk…lol.

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