Will I ever be ready?


Well it was bound to happen…but she’s just 11. Sure, she’ll be 12 in February. And that’s almost a teenager. And that’s scary. But for now I’d like to think shewas (being the operative word) my baby girl…

Sigh…deep breath. Sigh again.

She asked me to come to the bathroom door while she was showering. She wanted to know if she had to have shaving cream to shave her legs….gasp! Umm, what?

She said she was just tired of the hair and wanted to shave it off. (In my head I’m screaming to her that she doesn’t have to shave yet. No one can see her light hair. She’s good for like another year!!) surely…

She has a beginners razor for under her arms. She’s had that since about 3 months ago. She was on the way to go swimming with some friends and when she lifted her arms to hug me bye….I was sent into shell shock!! How? When did that happen? Then came the first shaving lesson. I always thought it would be her legs first….Yeah, not so much.

So here I am back in the present at the bathroom door. She’s looking at me, waiting…expecting an answer. So I gave her a few pointers and tried to sound informative and look all normal…on the outside. I


I was convincing.

Inside I just felt old. And proud. And old. But mostly proud.

8 thoughts on “Will I ever be ready?

  1. I had to Google how a man was suppose to shave his face. and then I had to call in my boy BFF for a shaving lesson for my son when it was finally time – and fortunately, he only has to shave about once a month or so! But when he said he wanted to start shaving, I was like “uh, I don’t know how you are suppose to, except it’s the opposite of how I have my legs, I go against the grain, so you go with it… beyond that, we need outside help!”

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