Sleepless Nights

Ugh! It’s hard enough to fall asleep at night with the 8.2 million little “me” running around in my head shouting questions that all require immediate miracle answers so that I can survive the next day.

Just as soon as I give them all irrational, reckless answers to shut them up and I find that nice little lull that is going to allow me a few minutes of thoughtless peace and quiet…

… I come out of my sleeping stupor to find that the Star Trek Enterprise apparently has landed at the foot of my bed.

This is literally a photo I just snapped with the flash off so you get the full “Lite-Brite” effect.


Then after trying to decide if meeting Captain Kirk and/or Spock is more important than sleep… I finally realize that the DVR is just popping on to record the latest SyFy shows and that my sweet little toddler has turned on all of the electronics at some point today. Awesome.

…sigh… Might as well sit up and tune in. Who knows, maybe the zombie moaning from the last recorded episode of The Walking Dead will put me back to sleep.

We shall see….

What crazy things keep you up at night?

7 thoughts on “Sleepless Nights

  1. Massive points for all the sci-fi references! 🙂 Nothing worse than the voices that won’t let you get to sleep at night. My worst nights are when I get caught in the “what if” loop – it’s like the Mobius strip that never ends so I can’t hop off of it!

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