Tiny hiney


I know he’ll hate me when he’s older…but I couldn’t help it.

My daughter and I were watching a movie while little man was playing in his room. She suddenly screams, “Oh my gosh!! He’s naked!” Of course I look at the screen scanning for a naked man (horrified that I might have scarred my poor daughter and wondering why the heck there is nudity in this PG-13 flick…)

I don’t see anything so I say “Who?” Feeling very confused thinking maybe she’s playing a joke to get a rise out if her mother. I look in the direction that she is pointing and there he stands, proud as anything….my little man.

I gasped at the site of his “very proud” stance as he is giving me the “what are you going to do about it?” look. I yell, “Where is your diaper?!” And as I untangle myself from the bed sheets to chase him he turns and high tails it into his room.

Luckily I have this awesome new speed camera app that takes up to 100 pictures in just a few seconds as soon as the app opens, so you don’t miss out on funny moments like these. So I start the clicking and chasing while he is running and giggling.

These were a few of my favorite shots that only show the hiney, and the words just came naturally.

Such a cute little memory that eventually I probably would have forgotten as memories of first dates, first cars,first jobs and such replace all the little things like this. I’m glad I was able to capture it. ❤

8 thoughts on “Tiny hiney

  1. I was just saying yesterday how my son (23 months) keeps taking his pants and diaper off on a whim. Nearly every day. 😉 How old is your son?

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