Every Tom, Dick & Harry…

Here is the deal. I don’t mean to be Kurt, but I have a lot going on. {Check out my About Me page Here if you want to know what all that is! Then head over to my Contact Me page and fill out the poll to get your kiddos a free bookmark & sticker! I don’t mean to Russel feathers….but I’m kinda cool like that! ;-)}

A little over a year ago I did what a ton of moms do. I got frustrated! I was burnt out! I loved EVERYTHING I did – but none of it was specifically for me. It was always for the kiddos, the Mister, the dog, my friends, my family…you get the picture. I needed to find that one thing. For me. I wanted to find a hobby that didn’t include getting a Bill in the mail from the credit card company each month. So I started googling “cool hobbies for mom”. Here is what I came up with:

  • Fishing – I know some ladies like it…but it isn’t for me. No way, Jose.
  • Social ReadingJuan-a know what this means? Basically, joining a book club and meeting with people to discuss and dissect the meaning of a particular book.
  • Acting – As fun as that would be, time would be an issue. I don’t see a Tony or an Oscar in my future.
  • Traveling the world – Oh, heck yes! Wade a minute….Damn. There’s that whole “gotta win the lottery” thing. Yeah, so…what’s next?
  • Roller Derby – I don’t think so, Tim.

There were sooooo many things! I found lots of pages like “101 Hobbies for Mom” (which, to be Frank, was part of a great blog that I will now be following! Great stuff!) and “57 Hobby Ideas for Busy Moms” (another great blog I get to Phil my brain to the Max with!) I just couldn’t find anything that was….me when it came to hobbies. I honestly felt the need to Neil on my knees and pray to the Heavens to send something my way to keep this mommy from going insane with the day to day of her crazy life. Then all of a sudden….Hark – the Harold Angel‘s sing…. ok…you got me – there was no singing, but I remember thinking, “Man, these moms have the coolest lives! I wish I could pretend I was half that cool! Next thing I know, a lovely little Ray of sunshine just thumped me in the head and said, “Hey dum-dum! YOU CAN!!”

6af9e90e54fd11e19896123138142014_7So…I researched blogging for about a year to make sure it was something I could really identify with. Something that would hold my interest, motivate me and help me grow – personally, spiritually and professionally. I came to a decision – I. LOVE. BLOGGING. I set up a test blog and played with different types of posts. There are a lot of things you can do with a blog! From reviewing products, giving advice, and marketing a small business to sharing recipes, sharing inspiring journey’s, and even specialty blogs that focus on important topics like Adoption, Homeschooling and Charities. Where the heck was I supposed to focus my blog? I didn’t want to be like any Tom, Dick & Harry and I’m nothing extraordinary. And it’s not like there is a Manuel to tell me the Do’s & Dont’s of blogging. Well, there probably is – but there is no way it could apply to everyone! Roger that?

Well…I have Ben called special a time or two or three. (Yes, it was by my children – but so what – they are brilliant kiddos!) I just want to be a part of something BIG!!! I want to throw down a full Nelson on this blogging thing and make something of it!! The big question – What am I passionate about? I like lots of things…but I read once that a “real” writer creates from the heart. Actually, I just made that up. Clever Trevor, huh?! I just want to be a real life Arthur – the kind that writes about balloons, doodles, oodles of canoodles (that means LOTS of hugs and kisses!), bubble baths, controversy, sporks and other nonsense. More specifically I plan to I plan to make you laugh (a lot), make you cry (a little) and make you want to change the world. It’s all about paying it forward.


There it is Jack. My Earnest plan to entertain you to the gills with….well….something. Something special. I make no promises, but I’ll do my best. I promise. ๐Ÿ˜‰

6 thoughts on “Every Tom, Dick & Harry…

  1. Love it! I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging. It’s grand to find your niche. I look forward to more form you!! ๐Ÿ˜€ You’re very entertaining.

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