So….I am miserable. I haven’t been feeling well but I have been trying to respond to comments and visit a few of my favorite blogs. However today. Today is no good. I am certain that some alien-like creature “skidood” it’s way into my belly and is currently making hundreds of babies. Oh. My. Gosh.

So just wanted to let all of my (super awesome) followers know why I e been MIA. Ugh.

Now I am going to attempt to roll myself into a tiny little ball, burrow myself inside of my pillow, pretend I don’t have 8.2 billion things to do…and try to sleep off whatever this is.

Sure wish I felt like this guy:


But honestly it’s much more like this one:

What do you guys do when you are super miserable but have so much that needs to be done?

5 thoughts on “#yuckola

  1. Oh my, intestinal things are the pits. Usually you can’t even sleep either. When I feel that badly, I watch comfort movie and eat saltines. Drink ginger ale or chicken broth. Anne of Green Gables movies are favorites. Little Princess, Secret Garden and Ever After… They distract me. Feel better. I look forward to reading more, great site!!

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