The 27th Line

The 27th Line.

I have never read a blog post I identified with more.  This….this is the world I want to believe in.  This is the type of people I want to believe in.  I am literally at a loss for words on how to respond to this post… and those of you that know me, well you know that is a BIG deal.  Printing this out and giving it to my 14 year old (the Big Kid) and 12 year old (the Mini Me) in the morning and will be saving it for my 2 year old (Little Man) - just incase.

The 27th line indeed.



Gulp?! 12… That’s almost 13!! Help?!

Can you help?! Especially if you know @Shaycarl or @katilette!! Her favorite people on Earth!

Postcards from the Shaycarl family would guarantee me the Mom of the Year award (I’d say Mom of the decade…but there is no guarantee when she actually turns into a teenager next year that she’ll still think I’m the best thing ever.)

However, she thinks quarters from each state are cool so I imagine postcards from around the world would be pretty fantastical!

Her birthday is the 18th but they could come whenever if you want to play!

The MiniMe (Ally)
PO Box 121861
Fort Worth, TX 76121

I would appreciate any re-tweets, Presses and Facebook Shares!! Thanks so much for helping to make her last pre-teen birthday the coolest thing ever!!


Story from the Tooth Fairy’s Point of View

In English class on day one, we were asked to write a short story about a memory we had.  It could be about anytime or anything.  The Professor just wanted to have a writing sample from each student on file.  I chose the memory from when I was 5 years old and lost my first tooth.

The second week of class, she asked us to write the story again, from the point of view of a different character in the story.  Because I deal with children so often, I wanted to make it kind of fun so I wrote my second paper from the point of view of the Tooth Fairy.  Let me know what you think.

My original paper titled, “Memory” (I know…that is super original – she made us do it.)

There are many things throughout childhood that make a mark on a person.  I can remember numerous things from my early years that have left memories that I think about all the time.  However, becoming a mother has made me recall things I haven’t thought about in years.  For instance, when my oldest son lost his first tooth, I added the “Tooth Fairy Hat” to my long growing list of mommy duties.  Unlike many first time parents that worry about what the going rate of a tooth is these days, I already had a plan.

When I was 5 years old, I lost my first tooth.  It had been loose for several days and I had wiggled it relentlessly, until it literally fell into my tiny little palm.  I was so excited!  That night I placed my tooth under my pillow and dreamt of what the Tooth Fairy might leave in exchange for my tiny pearl-like tooth.  This was my first – so I had no idea what to expect.

The second my eyes popped open that next morning, I threw my pillow off my bed and there it was.  A whole dollar bill!  I grabbed my prize and ran off to search for my mom.  I remember the strange look on her face as she suggested I go show my father what the Tooth Fairy left for me.  He seemed shocked as well and told me that the Tooth Fairy was selfish and must have been having a bad day to only leave me one single dollar.  He offered to trade me four shiny new quarters for that dollar, which I gladly accepted.

Years later, after learning the true story behind the Tooth Fairy, I overheard a conversation between my parents and some friends of theirs.  As it turns out, the “Tooth Fairy” had left me a brand spanking new ONE HUNDRED dollar bill for my first tiny tooth.  At 12 years old, I wasn’t sure if I should be angry or amused at the story.  However, on that day I vowed that my future children would never receive anything less than a nice, crisp five dollar bill for each and every tooth they lost.

I am a mom of 3 amazing children – ages 14, 12 and 2.  With each little tooth they have lost, they gain five dollars.  Even my older children that now understand that she is just a myth, still look forward to the last of their baby teeth coming out.  As my children grow and experience life, I look forward to more of my childhood memories resurfacing and using those memories to help my children make their own.

Here is my second paper titled, “Memory POV” (that one is all me…pretty creative, huh?!)

As the sun set that night, I began to get excited about the events that were about to unfold.  I remember the excitement was almost palpable.  It was silly, really, for me to get so enthusiastic about it since it was something that happened every day somewhere in the world.  However, I had been looking forward to that night for years.  The sun finally set and the moon majestically rose over the city, and I took flight toward the 2nd story windows of apartment 32B on Dixon Avenue.

The glass was raised just an inch, enough to let the breeze of the night in.  I quietly slipped in the room and fluttered over to the bed.  There she laid, a sweet little red-headed child, no doubt dreaming of the treasure that would hopefully be waiting for her upon waking.  Ever so slowly, I waved my enchanted wand over her pillow.  Just as I suspected, they hadn’t remembered.  Regardless, I would not let this child grow to disbelieve as her parents did.  I quietly slipped her tooth in my pouch and replaced it with a prize so great it would surely bring a smile to her gentle face and just maybe a little belief back into the hearts of her parents.  I settled my tiny frame in the middle of the lovely pink flower on her pajamas, being careful to hide behind the petals.  I wanted a firsthand view of the morning to follow.  I gently stretched, sighed a silent little yawn and fell asleep.

I recall that morning in incredible detail, her waking, throwing the pillow off of her bed and then the giggles of delight as she found her reward.  I bounced all around that petite little flower as she ran in search of her parents, I must admit, I was giggling too.  It was almost time.

Her mother was washing dishes and I can still feel the smile that spread across my tiny fairy face as the look of confusion swept across her face.  She sent the child in search of her father.  He was working under the hood of their Classic Chevy outside and again, the feeling of victory filled my soul.  He too was confused.  As expected, he told the child that I was selfish and had only left her a single dollar and offered to trade her for four shiny quarters, to which she of course accepted.

The child skipped her way back into the house, with her father in tow.  She kept shouting, “The Tooth Fairy remembered me!  Can you believe it?”  It was time for the big pay-off.  Her parents looked at each other with confusion as she bounced around the room with her coins jingling in her petite palms.  Her father whispered, “Did you…?”  Her mother shook her head and whispered back, “No.  Didn’t you?”  He shook his head as well.  Together, they watched in awe at their very happy daughter, wondering if it was really possible.

Years later, I found out that the child overheard that the prize she found under her pillow that morning was a brand new 100 dollar bill and that her father had exchanged it for change for a dollar.  She was a little irritated but at the same time tickled that they had made such a mistake.  Nevertheless, she vowed that day that when she got the chance to play the Tooth Fairy, she would always give her children $5 for every tooth they lost – which means in turn they would always believe.  That is something her parents had long since forgotten how to do.  Keeping her promise to this very day, that little girl is a mom and instills the importance of believing in magic to each of her children, every single day.  Mission accomplished.

I’d love to know:

A.) What did you think?  Honestly – you can be brutal, I can take it!

B.) I’d really like to have a piece of artwork that matches my Tooth Fairy story (atleast from her POV) – anyone wanna be friendly?  If so you can mail it to POBox 121861, FW, TX 76121 and I would be ridiculously happy.

C.) Do you have a favorite childhood memory or perhaps a Tooth Fairy story of your own?  Please share!


#AI – Crazy For You

Wowy Wow Wow!

I am sooooo looking forward to this season of American Idol!!

The first episode starts in Boston, Massachusetts and ends in Austin, Texas with 46 Golden Tickets being handed out. 

First things first – Harry Flippin Connick, Jr. (@HarryConnickJr on Twitter)  He is the judge to watch this season.  I do love me some JLo (@JLo on Twitter) and Keith (@KeithUrban on Twitter) on any given day, however, HCJ speaks the truth.  He is not letting any ridiculousness get through this season it seems.  In season 12 there were a few that made it through that were…..um…..well – not so talented?  I think that JLo and Keith just don’t like to hurt people’s feelings.  They are calling him “Dr. No” and “Harsh Harry” – fitting, but honestly a little bit needed.  As sweet as JLo and Keith are – everyone with an “ok” voice can’t make it through. 

And what was up with Ryan Seacrest?! (@RyanSeacrest)  He was so clumsy in this episode! He tumbled over chairs, dropped cowboys and was just a bit…off.  As always, he was very entertaining.  He’s a doll – you kinda got to love him.

My favorites from the episode:

  • Sam Woolf – Tweeted: “Even if my nerves resulted in a speeded up version on Lego house, I couldn’t of asked for a better audition! #Idol”  Check out his performance HERE.
  • Stephanie Hanvey -   Cute girl, sweet voice.  Her tweets say that she has a new single out – Check it out!
  • Austin Percario – Sweet kid!  His mom is a bit of a stage mom, but he’s headed to Hollywood and he’ll be 18 by then – so no mama tagging along. He tweets: “Check me out on vine: AustinPercario & Insta: AustinJPercario …. I’m gonna put some stuff up tonight! :) http://www.facebook.com/AustinJPercario
  • Kaitlyn Jackson – Bittersweet story.  LOVED her original song and voice!!  If she can write like this, this early – she has a great future ahead.  Looking forward to following it.  She tweeted: “@JustxJessica you can find me on iTunes! Just search my name or my album, Crush!”
  • Keith London – Good voice.  He tweets: “For the record. I did get all 3 judges to say yes. The edit made it look like @HarryConnickJR didn’t believe in me. But he did!!”
  • Madelyn Patterson – Super cute, great voice!  She was so excited about grabbing up the golden ticket she totally ignored HCJ while he was trying to give her advice.  He was obviously offended and even after she asked him to please repeat it because she really did want to hear what he had to say, he told her no – that he’d give try to give her advice again in Hollywood.  One piece of advice to other Idol hopefuls – Don’t offend HCJ!! – Bad mojo!!  She tweeted: “#Hollywood haha I’m such a dork (: pic.twitter.com/vdbaOKlSaj
  • Munfarid Zaidi – My favorite of the night.  He is a good voice – but the whole clip was funny as hell.  It started with HCJ picking him up and spinning him around and then promising to cradle him like a baby while he sang a second song – IF he did well on the first.  Harry had to pay off on that promise and it was hilarious.  You gotta see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxCJCJJd0vU  Only 2 tweets – which leads me to believe if that is really his Twitter handle.  However he tweeted: “@HarryConnickJR No one recognizes me from my Idol audition yesterday until I jump into their arms #cradle #AmericanIdol“.  




HCJ (He tweets a lot so I could only pick a few…lol.)

  • .@AmericanIdol starts TONITE!  these contestants put the ‘I CAN’ in american and the ‘I DO’ in idol – can’t wait!!! #idol
  • i’m so excited about the @AmericanIdol premiere tonite, i made my children audition for a chance to watch with me. only one made it through.
  • i feel like a real judge!!!  i just hired doug llewelyn and a bongo player to follow me around for the day! #idoltonight #wapner
  • did you like the cradle???  we need more cradling!!!  post your cradle pix!!!let’s get it trending!  #cradle #idoltonight

Ryan Seacrest:

My favorite tweets featuring: #AmericanIdol

And that’s a wrap!


Nerdville, Texas

So I started class this last Monday. First time in school in a couple (ahem…) of years. I had a backpack so I scooped it up and through 3,000 pounds of text inside, along with my pencils, pens, paper, binders and super fan dangle calculator.


Yep. That backpack couldn’t withstand the awesomeness of me. So after class I went shopping for a new backpack. All of the bags I looked at either sported Ninja Turtles or Dora the Explorer (which I like both but kind of want people to take me seriously at school), or they were $8.88 and made of some weird fabric crossover between nylon and Hefty Garbage bags. And I use the name “Hefty” lightly because these backpacks wouldn’t hold my 2 English texts alone…much less the rest of my stuff!

At any rate I was just about to head home and I see this cute little bag and fell in love. Even though I knew it wouldn’t hold all of my school stuff, I had to have it! It was only $4.88 and was so….me! I quickly devised a plan on how I could make it work and dashed to the checkout.

This morning I got up, got dressed and had my new little bag packed and ready to go. With one quick last check in the mirror, I realize why I wanted that bag so badly.

I am a flippin nerd!! N. E. R. D. That has to stand for something badass I’m sure. But for now I’ll take it at face value.

I’m a nerd. Nerds are cool…so there.


After my math class was over and I grabbed a snack and a few more supplies (I know…seriously) I see a girl walking in front of me…and I just laughed. No I mean I laughed. Hard. So hard she looked to see what I was looking at. Since I was trying to get my camera on my phone to come on anyway, I acted like it was something on the phone. Then I walked away, embarrassed that I had let myself laugh so blatantly at her.

She was all of 100 pounds, hair up in a very messy bunch with a rubber band, bright pink headphones on (not earbuds – headphones), a black Pokemon backpack, neon pink tank top under an off the shoulder neon green shirt, skinny jeans and fuzzy boots. I swear I tried to get a picture but she was too fast.

Ok. So if that is what a nerd looks like, I totally wanna trade my ticket in. We’ll wait…maybe she was a geek? I honestly don’t know. And to each their own. I’m sure she felt very comfortable with what she was wearing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think it looked ridiculously silly.

Oh well…I just know it was hilarious and I still feel like a cool nerd. :)

Good day all…I’m off to English.